Sunday, May 20, 2012

My hardest project

Good Morning Ladies~

 I was reflecting recently about the hardest project. We all have one. Mine so far was applique by Tony Whitney. And if asked nicely if  I would ever make another one again.. The answer would be no, unless I was paid ALOT...

Toni Whitney version- earth, wind & fire

I can across this pattern in 2009 when on a Minneapolis shop hop with my mom & sister C. The kit was much more but I love batiks & my stash was a plenty.. So after the wedding or was it before.. I think it was after I was hitched.. Hubby and I started our adventure.. He helps me so much when it comes to my quilting addiction. :) He helped trace all the little pieces onto heat&bond, helped me cut them all out & kept them organized. Then after I'd ironed them one to my fabric choices. He cut them ALL out and labeled them into plastic baggies.. When tackling a project like this, its the ONLY way to go...

my try at Earth,Wind & Fire
I know the orange horses ear is off.. been meaning to fix that.. :) I like the vibrant colors. Some day I'll quilt it.. but for now its hanging over my ironing board in my sewing room.. Along with all the other quilt blocks I have that inspire me.

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  1. I absolutely love this pattern. You and hubby did an amazing job. Would love to make it myself but I can not find the pattern. would you be willing to sell me your pattern if you still have it? Thanks Denise email me please. Thanks


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