Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day!!!
back row: Sister Cindy, Sister Stef & Sister Mary
front row: Daddy, Sister Gena, Me & Mommy

I'm blessed. I have such a good family & my husband's family isn't SO bad either. So on the eve before this Mother's Day. I want to share a very simple recipe for a pie my husband loves~

 Pudding Pie

1~ 8" graham cracker crust or short bread crust
2~ pkgs of whatever kind of instant jell-o pudding you like (I've used double chocolate & french vanilla)

make the 2 pkgs of jell-o pudding as to directions on the box and pour it into the cracker crust and refrigerate.  When set top with cool whip.. serve :)

I've learned to kiss (keep it simple silly)

Happy Mother's day to those Moms out there in Blog land.. :)

Happy Stitches~

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