Sunday, May 20, 2012

My hardest project

Good Morning Ladies~

 I was reflecting recently about the hardest project. We all have one. Mine so far was applique by Tony Whitney. And if asked nicely if  I would ever make another one again.. The answer would be no, unless I was paid ALOT...

Toni Whitney version- earth, wind & fire

I can across this pattern in 2009 when on a Minneapolis shop hop with my mom & sister C. The kit was much more but I love batiks & my stash was a plenty.. So after the wedding or was it before.. I think it was after I was hitched.. Hubby and I started our adventure.. He helps me so much when it comes to my quilting addiction. :) He helped trace all the little pieces onto heat&bond, helped me cut them all out & kept them organized. Then after I'd ironed them one to my fabric choices. He cut them ALL out and labeled them into plastic baggies.. When tackling a project like this, its the ONLY way to go...

my try at Earth,Wind & Fire
I know the orange horses ear is off.. been meaning to fix that.. :) I like the vibrant colors. Some day I'll quilt it.. but for now its hanging over my ironing board in my sewing room.. Along with all the other quilt blocks I have that inspire me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day!!!
back row: Sister Cindy, Sister Stef & Sister Mary
front row: Daddy, Sister Gena, Me & Mommy

I'm blessed. I have such a good family & my husband's family isn't SO bad either. So on the eve before this Mother's Day. I want to share a very simple recipe for a pie my husband loves~

 Pudding Pie

1~ 8" graham cracker crust or short bread crust
2~ pkgs of whatever kind of instant jell-o pudding you like (I've used double chocolate & french vanilla)

make the 2 pkgs of jell-o pudding as to directions on the box and pour it into the cracker crust and refrigerate.  When set top with cool whip.. serve :)

I've learned to kiss (keep it simple silly)

Happy Mother's day to those Moms out there in Blog land.. :)

Happy Stitches~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pretty Awesome

So.. the pink&brown quilt is officially done.. I'm very proud of it.. for the most part.. I honestly think that not all things are perfect. I'm not perfect so why should the things I make be perfect. It's taken me time to relise this. As frustrating is it maybe..  The only person who is perfect is GOD..

 I'm super happy with this quilt tho.. I think after the other 2 quilting commsions are done & summer is over I may just make this pattern myself..
Happy Sitiches~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I see the light..

After the achey back and double seeing eyes.. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't done a sew sew session in such a long time.. 2 days of constantly sewing & I see quilting in my near future as well.. but here it is.. The quilt is from "Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts" I love this book..  I plan sometime someday to do all the quilts in the book.. 

backing fabric

The colors are much brighter than my phone camera (yes it still works after the fall) shows... So.. without farther a due...

Enjoy~ And happy Stitches~


Cleaning and cleaning..

 We've been helping Brian's Parents clean their home. They have decided to down size and move by October.. and I have the job of doing the garage sale. In pricing they different items of theirs & getting ready to put these things up for sale. Its inspired me to do my own home. I've started to go through the kitchen things.. Brian & I have been married almost 3 years ( closer to 2 1/2 I think) would it be OK if I sell some of those wedding gifts we got that we no longer or never have used?

When we started looking at houses 3 years ago (ish) closet space & cupboard space was never an issue.. Well we know better now.. Our next house will have lots of storage!! And a fenced in yard.. oh, AND be ghost free..


So, I'm so clumsy...  Went into my sewing room a couple days ago.. Needed to cut a few more pieces of fabric for the pink & brown quilt I'm doing. Which is something I need to get done by MOTHERS DAY.. I've always been better under pressure.. Always..   SO... I had a stack I was carrying into my fabric haven.. Included Cell phone, fabric and a pad of paper.. Not in that order..  I must have moved just right and smack....

   There goes my phone...

So.. Uh mm... Thank God I have insurance on it.. But still..  Funny thing is.. They don't make my htc H2 anymore.. So I'd have to get a different phone as soon as I pay the deductible.. So.. I better get back to sewing the Pink & Brown Quilt..

Wish me luck~

 Happy Stitches~


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, shortly after we moved into our house in SE Minnesota.. things started to happen. I'm pretty sure we have a ghost. Or something like it. I'd hear footsteps walking down the hall or have that feeling I was being watched. For the most part He has been dormant for awhile. Haven't heard 'boo' from him. 
.... Until Saturday the 5th of May..

On Friday we had company for dinner. There is really nothing better than Good friends and Good Food.. and Laughs.. Lately, here in Minnesota, we've  had lots of thunderstorms..  Later, after our friends leave. I shut the front 2 windows and the kitchen window. We got a good soaking rain that night.. But.. Saturday when I got up for work the front 2 windows & the kitchen window were open.  I can't say I know for sure but I was speechless.. And I'm never speechless.. On my way into work I called Brian at work and asked him if he opened the windows.. He hadn't.. So.. What did???

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Changes & Deadlines

... so I have till Mother's Day now to do a quilt for an X co-worker.. I think I can pull it out in a week.. Well, less than a week.. I need to go out and get some brown fabric for the main blocks.. She had gotten these really pretty Pink & Brown prints.. I have included some of my own neutrals to help break up the patterns of paisley & stripes..
middle part of the pink/brown quilt

So..I've turned in to one of THOSE people!?! I got the puppies shirts. We got the shaved around Easter. With it being cold and rainy out they need something else to keep them warm..
'stud muffin'

'trouble maker

So, yes I'm one of those people who dress their dogs up.. but they look CUTE!!!

On another note just because I take this blog as a source to vent and talk about whats going on with my life.. I was flipping through the TV channels yesterday after I got home from work and found this show on OWN called 65 Red Roses It was a show about a young woman living with  cystic fibrosis. Many years ago I went on a walk for cystic fibrosis. I wish I knew more now and I want to do something. So, I think I'm going to become an organ donor. With the slight chance that some day, something happens to me. Then, perhaps some part of me will live on in someone else.  I've been trying to live my life as a better person. Try to change the negative in myself to make myself the person my dog thinks I am..  Brian and I are trying to have a baby.. I want to be someone my children would be proud of.. You know?

Happy Stitching & Lots of Love~