Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'll be back sewing soon

.. I know I haven't posted in awhile..   After being in the ER twice last week once by ambulance..  I found out I have BPPV.. Vertigo.. (Its crystals in the inner ear that detach and reek havoc on the head.. lost balance- feeling of the room spinning.. vomiting)  In the end, I would rather have a root canal with out meds...  and its amazing when you are diagnosed with something like vertigo how many people pop up whom have had it as well..

  Its not funny but its funny. One thing I've learned about life is this.. a positive attitude is everything. I can look back now and laugh about certain situations. Like when you call 911 make sure your completely dressed. 'Nough said. When I started blogging I really wonder who would be interested in what I do... 

On the quilting front, I have 2 quilts to quilt. One for Mary (an old foundation house co-worker I haven't seen in a few years) and One for Ms. F (my high school art teacher -I've been out of HS for 11 yrs) I have to get started working on them.. I can't wait and as soon as I can I'll get pictures posted. :)

I'm on the mend- the vertigo, BPPV- is almost gone.. I hope to get started quilting again.. I still plan on doing a giveaway.. so follow me and comment on what I can do different.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Finally, It's FRIDAY!!! Oh, how I've been waiting for you..  and It's my first FNSI.. My sister C has been doing them for months..SEW, I have the weekend off *happy dance* Very excited about the weekend.. maybe its because the weather has been so nice here. Around 75* today and it looks like its going to stay for awhile.  Tomorrow is the Weis/Zappa St. Joesph's Day Celebration. I'd never heard of St. Joesph's Day until I met my husband. more explanation on St. Joesph's Day Hubby's mom Kathy asked me to make aprons for those who make the rice fritters and soup. I was on retreat last weekend with mom, sister C and Kim and well didn't get to Everything I wanted. Such is life, Right? So, tonight was for me to quickly work on the aprons. .I was going to make them mind you using tea towels in the appropriate colors (red,white and green) but, lost misplaced the pattern...

I bought prem-ade aprons in red & green.. some ric rac and puff paint... Here's what I did..

For Auntie Barb
the one for me..
the one for Beth
the one for my mother in law- I think its my favorite..

And remember I'll be giving away some fabric that I used in the Star Quilt I did at retreat.. All you have to do is follow me and let me know what I can do change/better.. :) I want your opinion!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Puppies first walk

So... Hubby and I took Gizmo and Rosie for their first acctual *on the leash* walk yesterday..

What I thought would look like this..  Us and the pups taking a nice stroll around the neighborhood..

Acctually, looked like this.. only with Hubby with Gizmo and myself with Rosie.. They are little dogs but man can they pull.. :)  

Gizmo has successfully chewed through yet, another collar/harness..(thats 3 now)  So now what?  Looks like we need to go to leather..


In honor of me getting the star quilt top done.. I'm doing a giveaway! All you have to do is follow me. Let me know what you think about my blog. Call it constructive criticism or sorts.. In about a week I'll draw names from those who comment.. What you'll win? How about the a few fat quarters? (I'll unload a picture soon)

 The puppies and I look forward to hearing your opinions!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I find a quilt pattern I like.. I will admit there are times I tweak the pattern.. This is one of those times.. When I got the *Simply Triangles* book I also got Kim Schaefer's *Skinny Quilts* I fell in love with the black & white one with the jack (I think they look like enmities)

I had gotten some black and whites from doing the Minnesota Shop Hop 2010. This is perfect only I did what I do best.. I tweaked.. The original plan was to make 3 different black and white background panels.. :)
Well that's not what happened..

I ended up cutting some 4 1/2" squares and sewing them between the panels.. :) I haven't yet decided if I'll do the applique on it yet.. maybe If I do It will just be a few...
What do you think? Let me know..
I need to add black borders yes.. but, I have to make a little trip to the fabric store.. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ta Da!!!

I still need to add black borders to it.. but I'm SO happy..  Don't stress about the angles..

I HIGHLY suggest this book.. you can find it on

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Retreat March 2012 Part1

So this year at retreat I didnt get as much done as I thought I would.. I remember in past years that I could stay up much later than I can now before my eyes would go double and heavy. I blame this on old age. I got to working on the "Simply Stars'' pattern.

 I really thought at first glace that I would be harder than It acctually was.. Funny how you can be sew intimadated in something but really REALLY its so much easier than meets the eye.. Funny..
First, I started by sewing my strips.. The pattern had it greens,purples, red, darker red, blue and tan.. I sometimes *not all the time* will follow the pattern colors.. This isnt one of those times.. I chose pink, blue, green and purples. I love bright vibrant colors- jewel tones.  Then, I cut templates (you can find the template fabric at like Michaels or Hobby Lobby- I would guess that Joanns would have it as well)

I sewed 6 of each color only because I was switching it up and only doing 4 colors and black borders.

The blocks themselves are sewing Y seams.. Its really not as hard as you think and don't pych yourself you, IT WILL TURN OUT.. And if it doesn't pull Jack the Ripper out and Start over..
They reminds me of paper airplanes..

The quilt is sewn on point at a diagional.. I rarely if ever put things on Point.. I may love a quilt or pattern but won't make it if its on point. (I made this one to prove to myself that YES! I CAN make it!! Mostly because T wants it.. and I needed to KNOW I could!!  I didn't use the template for the borders- didnt think that far- but cut a 4'' strip of fabric and winged it like I always do...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't eat the Cheese...

Sew.. Yesterday I had the WHOLE DAY to sew.. Brian went to help his parents..  So, it was just the pups and I.. :) I did sew but that was after.. I scooted around pinterest for awhile and got so totally inspired to make great things..   I wish I would have stopped and took pictures and I will go back to take pictures.. I WILL!   I started by cutting the fabrics I had gotten for the Simply Triangles quilt I'm going to attempt to do cause T wants one in purples for her daughter.. :) I CAN do it!!
I love the fabrics I got for this project.. expecially the pinks. But, I've always been a color kinda girl..    Sew, after a lunch of pasta (love my carbs), alfradio sauce (husbands dislikes) and parmasan cheese (something I should have checked the date on before eating) I went back down to start cutting and sew....

I got through cutting my 1 1/2'' strips of the pink, blue and part of the green to realise that the 2 greens between the light and dark are the same shade.. I need to fix that, ugh! so.. Not that I dont want to go back to the fabric store which I'm indifferent about I texted my sister C asking her if she had a mid-light green color.. next I'll ask mom.. Then, I'll revisit the fabric store..  After cutting and breaking up a few dog fights (they are puppies and they will play) I started working on the flying geese for Jazz's Project.. The book I'm working out of has a away of making thses flying geese like I've not done before.. Its really slick..

Sew.. after getting very close to being done with the slick flying geese I felt super sick.. I'm not going to go into much detail about this but to say.. Don't eat the cheese.. I should have checked the date on the cheese (which hubby did when he got home last night.. April 2011 was the date on the cheese) Bad, I know..
Sew, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked BUT, next weekend is retreat.. Can't wait and I have sew much to do. :)

Happy Sewing to you..