Thursday, February 23, 2012


...So yes, I know I haven't been blogging lately.. I haven't been sewing lately due to my wrist has been bothering me. Last time I visited the Dr, he said I may have the onset of carpel tunnel not an excuse I know but, I've been dreaming of sewing.. does that count?  So, Today was my day off so I went into my sewing room, looking at the quilt J wanted me to do for her.. Its been over a year since she gave me fabric & payment for said quilt. But, I've been waiting for pictures so there was little I could do without them. Now, after being given the go ahead minus the pictures.. I've to figure out what I was thinking with the colors

pretty little colors.. pinks & browns

 would have been a good idea to mark the pieces even though I wasn't going to sew them yet.. 

So I started making my flying geese segments. She picked a quilt from 'Miss Rosie's Spice of Life' (I think that's what the book is called)

gizmo and Rosie..
When, our babies would have none of it.. Brian was upstairs making dinner when I was sewing and our little puppies decided to start to play between my legs, right under the sewing machine..  Uhmm.. ya.. right..   So, I only got 4 of my flying geese units done but its a start.. 

Been dreaming of quilt retreat.. its less than 3 weeks away..  Last weekend I have Dorothy (the sweetest older woman ever) and T over. I had a few new books I've been hoarding and had them out to show them.. T's been talking about me making a project for her. And wouldn't you know it she picked a quilt out of 'Simply triangles' going I WANT THIS ONE!! I'm unsure scared about anything that doesn't have square corners or is on point..

So I'm going to attempt it at quilt retreat.. Now to debate on a trip to the fabric store.. :) I want to try and make one before I attempt on for T.. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

spring cleaning...

Sew.. instead of sewing on my 2 days off.. I cleaned instead..MY old sewing room and the bedroom both got makeovers.. now all I want to do is paint & decorate... My old sewing room will evenutally be a bedroom for our *future* child. Was thinking of painting it yellow so when we do get with baby then if its a girl we can do pink and if we have it boy then blue...

I've been dreaming of my projects...  When I get the borders on it I'll post a picture.. ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

to quilt or not to quilt?!?!?

So, I have today off!!!  So instead of being in my sewing room surrounded by my fabrics creating Hubby and I are cleaning our bedroom.. Quite possibly we will get to the office and guest bedroom today too.  Its a project that we've been wanting to get going on for awhile. So, maybe tomorrow I can eek out 90 mins of sewing time to make up for missing yesterday( Dad's 75th Birthday) and today... 

I love sewing... I tell anyone who wants to start that if you can drive you can opperate a sewing machine and if you can dream it, you can create it. I've got all these ideas of things I want to create but it seems I haven't enough hours in a day.. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Reminds me of mom, me and Cindy while we are at quilt retreats..

Its been a hectic Monday.. So much to do at the Bakery.. I didn't sew yesterday..which wasn't what I had planned but you know.. such is life.. right?

So, today after looking through many of quilt magazines looking for some sort of inspiration.. Something to spark the 'I NEED TO MAKE THIS'  until, this block..  I need to sew in the vines with thread but i sketched them in.. I think I'm going to make a table runner out of it..

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Didn't win the lottery..

T and I have been playing the lottery.. 2 tickets every W & S.. In hopes of hitting the millions.. so we can quit our day job Working as a baker isn't bad by any means but, you can't choose those you work with like you can't choose your family. So, your kinda just stuck with them.. .. Oh well, less than 30 hrs till Monday.. AHHHH... 

But, look what I made.. I saw the idea on Pinterest. a site I spend more time on than facebook or with my wonderful husband...  Betty, the babylock quilters dream machine, love this.. I know it will be a Big hit at the next quilt retreat.. The one I saw on Pinterest was elastic- in not wanting to go anywhere- I made my own straps and just tied it really tight in the back..  I'm sew excited to use it. :)

I started cutting out another quilt but I admit I'm in a rut. I don't really have anything pressing to make or finish. >.<  So.. now what?!?  I get the make a project for ME?! Um... Now what to make???

Help!!! I need ideas!!! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yay!! Finally a WEEKEND off!!!!

Finally, after one hell of a week at the JOB.. I get a weekend off.. Oh what to do...

Day 28 of the Drop and give me 20 quilting challenge I got a little side tracked.. not by something sparkly but by an idea I'd had seen on pinterest.. Oh how I can spend hours on pinterest..   I went to the local 5&dime after work Thursday to pick out the border fabric for the Horse quilt.. The little lady who helped me was SO nice.. Armed with my fabric I headed towards the front to then get side tracked with the felt.. I saw these cute little heart bookmarks on Pinterest and thought ''I'm here, I should get this'' So...

 I made myself a little template out of some cardboard and away I went..  I don't know who I'll give them too.. I know a few people who still read actual books.. not just nooks. :)  I even hand embroidered them.. something I rarely do..  They are so so cute..              
Sew.. On day 27 of the Drop and give me 20 quilt challenge.. I was sitting in my sewing room in a bit of a funk.. You know what 'funk' you get into when you have things you SHOULD be doing but don't want to do them but yet don't really know what you WANT to work on???

Sew.. I went through my UFO box and found this wall hanging kit I've had FOREVER.. At first I wasn't really fond of the colors because they aren't colors that I would do.. you know? I switch out the drab purple they had in the kit for a more purple that I liked..  and started to sew, applique and quilt..

By 10ish I was done.. I even embellished it.. :) I have no idea where I'm going to put it or if it will be a gift but I got it done!!! I'm so proud of myself!! I even have a little hanger for it..

Now what to do today.. :-P I have the WHOLE day off.. Hubby it here too.. We don't have plans until this evening when we will go to T's for dinner.. I have a french silk pie to make.. if it works the Hubby will get one for his birthday coming up.. ;)

Happy sewing!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 29 ...

I'm doing a count down for this month.. Today, is day 29 of the 'Drop and Give Me Challenge '   I did it.. Sewed for 30+ minutes this afternoon. I worked on the horse quilt. Its a total stash buster- 5 yards of fabrics.

 I love this pattern. I still have boarders to put on it but, my rows are put together. I am so cheating and using this quilt as my February project too.. Mostly because I have  NO IDEA what do for the month of February..

I have a great idea to share tho.. When you receive those fragrance gift boxes for Christmas or birthdays (or maybe you bought one for yourself at goodwill time..) Save the boxes (or mail them to me) and use them for your next project. They work great as a keeper of all those quilt top pieces. I use them ALOT when I go on quilt retreats or when I'm doing multiple projects at one time..

So yay! Tomorrow I get to start on something new.. after I figure out the borders on the horse quilt.. That shouldn't take long tho..