Monday, April 16, 2012

Anyone seen my Groove?

Oh Groove where have you gone? I haven't seriously posted or sewed in 3 weeks perhaps its been more than a month. What's wrong with me?? Where has my groove gone?? Most days after I get home from work I end up taking a nap.. We've had such nice weather here lately- regardless of last nights tornado threat.. What's wrong with me?!? 
Rosie after her much needed grooming

We got the puppies groomed a couple weeks ago.. I know your asking yourself 'What does this have to do with quilting' but I need to brag.. They look so much better..   I did start on my Art Teacher's (from HS some 11 yrs ago) Quilt..  Its a half a log cabin block. and they way she displayed them, they look like flying geese to me. And I LOVE  Flying Geese.

I think I'll have to make a quilt like this in the future.. I'm doing feathering in the the white parts and then reversed upside down in the blue parts.. I've always been my own worse critic. I want to impress Ms. F. You know??

I thought with the sewing machine light off you'd be able to see the quilting better.. :)  How does it look? but, I've always favored the back...

I love the back and it seems like my phone isn't doing the quilt justice.. I'm using variegated blues on the back and invisible on the front..  one side left and you know I'm finding that I make much better feathers when I work to the right than I do when I work to the left.. wonder why that is..

I'd gotten this print a little while ago and I need to live by it. Specially the second one 'Complain Less & Doubt Less' 

I'm still going to do a give away of some of the fabrics from the Star Quilt I did at retreat.. So please please please give me your feed back.. I'll draw a name at random when I reach 15 followers.. 

Happy Sewing!