Monday, July 30, 2012

Try for the Traveling Stash

So, I came across Cotton Addiction blog via my sisters blog Quilt Doodles . I would love the traveling stash.. The possiblities are endless..

And I'd love an excuse to visit the local fabric stores and shop for it.

I really like Cotton Addiction.. Its a really cute blog and I've enjoyed the posts I've read.. :)

Here's Hoping...


Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Quilt Shop

We stopped at alittle Quilt shop today.. It was girls day.. :)  We make sure now to go to the Quilter's Cottage. I should have taken pictures of the outside of the shop but they are amidst Minnesota's other season ' Road Construction' 

I got a few fat quarter and this cute little panel that has quilting sayings.. Like.. 'Procastinate  Frees up time to quilt'.  I got wagon wheel, candy corn and slug bug fat quarters. I'll use them for something eventually.. 

I got the fabric for a baby quilt. Brian's Boss' Wife is due this week and I know they are having a little girl.. I did alittle happy dance when I found this panel. It is a precious moments Noah's ark.. Then I found some little pink chicks for the back. I'll work on it when I get home. I've got big plans for how I'll quilt it. 

I also got this panel that matches a panel I found at Crafts Direct last year. I'll make it once I find out we are prego. Someday I'll make it.. I found these cool buttons..   I'm going to save a few for a future giveaway.. :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm on...
V to the A to the C to the A to the T to the I to the O to the N!!!   

See you in a Week..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mary's Quilt

mayo foundation house

I got a phone call a couple months ago from a friend of mine. We worked together at the Mayo Foundation House in Rochester,Mn.  I was surprised when she called me to do a quilt for her.

I took her quilt over to mom&dad's and laid it out on their basement floor. Mary said she used all scraps for this project that it took her 2 yrs to finish. Not because the pattern takes two years but more so she's a busy gal. She only could put bits&pieces of time into it. it's PERFECT. All the points are perfect.. She does such good work.

So, I placed her quilt on 'betty' and away we went. It took me a shorter amount of time to quilt it than I thought. And wonderfully, nothing happened with my machine.. it ran very smoothly.

When I quilted it I went around the middle squares, then around the 2nd block and then around the outer block. I think it turned out rather nicely. I didn't want to take away from her design. 

Happy Sewing!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm a Craft Ninja..

Sew.. I saw this picture on Pinterest awhile ago pinning it for future use.. Love it. Cause, I'm a craft ninja. Maybe not armed with the knitting needles tho..  I love this embroidery from Urban Threads. But, I saw it drawn somewhere else...

I'd put out on the Fuzzy Hat Quilter Facebook Page that I wanted reviews of my blog..' Let me know what I can change and What you think I should do' Sorta thing.. I'd had said that I'd draw a winner at random and give them something.. :)  A Giveaway!!!  Sister C says giveaways are a Huge part of blogging.. :) So I waited for the advice to pour in.. But, by the end of the week I had one review.. One is better than none I suppose.. so, This is what I gave my lucky friend..

I made her a 'Craft Ninja' Mug & added some of the fabric from my stash.  What do you think?? Should I do another giveaway???

happy sewing~

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sew.. I convinced my husband into a quickie run into Rochester today.. :) Minus the traffic and road work it was a pretty good trip. I wanted to visit the local Sewing Machine shop. They moved recently from Barlow's Plaza to the Sam's Club Shopping Center..
They have everything a quilter or knitter could possibly want and then some. I needed quilting needles and pre-wound bobbins. I wish I could have looked around more. The new space is so big its Sew wonderful.. :)   I spy ed a few long arm quilting machines in the back. Looking at my hubby I hinted that one would be nice.. eventually.. hopefully before I die.. someday. :)  They are incredibly helpful and are knowledgeable of the products they sell. Betty, my Babylock Quilters Dream came from Quality. :)

We also snuck into my FAVORITE store of all time.. I love target.. I found alot of fun finds in their $1.00 section.. Got some cute little things for my nieces. <3 I love window shopping..

Happy Stitches~

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Almost like Grandma's...

On Friday we started fresh frying our own donuts at the Bakery I work at.  I've learned how to make & cut the dough..
In chatting with my Mom & Sister C. They said Grandma used to make her own donuts & glaze. I can only hope the ones I'll be making at the Bakery will be close to what Grandma used to make.

I bought a box over to Mom&Dad's after work on Friday. Sister C & Mom said they were close to Grandma's. But her glaze was thicker. 

~happy sunday~


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flying geese

I learned how to make flying geese this way:

This is the way I learned from a fellow quilter at quilt retreat..

I used 2 1/2" rectangles (light blue) and 2- 1 1/2" squares (light green).

Then you take the 2 1/2'' rec (light blue) and put the wrong sides together..

Then take the 2- 1 1/2'' square (light green) and put that right sides together a square on both sides.

You'll see a U on the side of block..  place this, U side  towards the machine.. Sew a 1/4" normal seam.

Press open. Sew as normal. This is will work with ANY sizes. I like to do 2 1/2'' x  4 1/2'' rec and 2 1/2'' squares..

Happy Sewing~

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

...Hot Puppies.. .

My life it seems rotates around the weather these days.. How hot will it be today?!? They are saying that this weekend will be in the 80's this weekend. Oh joy!

This is our thermostat today when I headed to bed.. The house temp was 89 degrees,.. UCK!!

I've got a couple hot yorkies on my hands.. 

Quilt Block Challenge

So... We went over to Mom&Dad's today. They're A/C is working.  I started by labeling the paper pieced house block. With the Dodge County Fair Quilt Block Challenge, I've only 4 fabrics I can use.. so I fussy cut the loon print for the window, green for the house, brown for the roof & around the loon, and blue for the sky.

I think it turned out really nice at this point but it was only 4'' or so, so I added a 2" strip of brown around the cabin block.. Then, I wanted to do flying geese. You could call me the queen of flying geese. I love making flying geese. There was a technique that I learned a a quilt retreat last year. They are 3D flying geese.

I figured that I could do 5 on each side and add a little bit of green to balance the geese out.. then I added a 2 1/2'' blocks at the corners. I used the loon print, which I once again fussy cut so I just had the loons.  After sewing the 2 1/2" blocks on the ends of the flying geese blocks I sewed them onto the middle blocks. Then to make it a 12 1/2'' square, I sewed on a 2 inch boarder around the whole thing, then cut it down to size. I figure it was easier to sew on a bigger border and cut it than try to figure out what size border to make..

I'm super happy with it. It doesn't happen very often but all my points are on point. I love the 3D flying geese. I will be interesting to see what happens at the County Fair. But, I'll be on vacation with my family that week :) So, we'll see. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilt Block Challenge

I think I've decided what to do.. I'm going to make a little cabin on the lake..  I'll post pictures tomorrow.. 

On another note.. its hot...   Not Matthew Magic mike hot.. but close.... 

Its more like walk outside and melt hot.. We haven't A/C anywhere other than out bedroom. So, I haven't been able to sew due to the fact our home is like a sauna. And who wants to be covered in a quilt on the machine when it is 85 degrees in the house??  I could drag my machine back downstairs.. but, I just done have the table space down there.. 

It was 77 degrees this morning in the house when I left for work at 3.30am... uck!!  So I've packed up the quilt I need to pin and the block challenge.. I'm headed over to my folks and the power of their A/C after work tomorrow.. :) It's suppose to be hot like this all week.. ugh!!

 '''I'm dreaming of a white christmas...'''