Thursday, December 20, 2012

* * Snowed in * *

                                 Sew... We're snowed in today..
We got what I thought was close to 6 inches of snow last night.
And now it's blowing out.
I know I could have made it into work this morning.
But, I doubt I could have made it home.
The monte does not like sno & I don't blame her..
Besides, if it were just me I may have chanced it..
but.. I have a little life to think about now..
So, I stayed home and so did Hubs..

So we slept in..
I made breakfast ...
and I think I will sew this afternoon...
I have a project for christmas
I want to get done..

I've got most of my wrapping is done..
I've one more gift to get..

happy snow day to you..

Monday, December 17, 2012

..Christmas Winner...

Sew.. I'm on a quick break between wrapping gifts for my mom..
Gizmo and Rosie picked a name for me before I left..

The Winner is Deborah her comment
"Cute snowman mug rug! I still have more shopping to do."
reminds me that yes I still have more shopping to do..
I'll be finishing the mug mat & sending it out soon..

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our little piece of blog heaven..
I wish everyone a

Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 days...

Only 8 more days till Christmas..
Hubs and I started our Christmas shopping yesterday..
We still have a few more things to get..
But atleast there's a start..
At work the other day.. the topic of the End Of The World came up..
I really wonder how many people have chosen not to shop or Christmas yet
because they say the world is going to end on Thursday..
I do not think the world is going to end..
If the world was going to end then women around the world would not be able to get pregnant..
I'm about 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant..
On another note..
We will be headed over to my parents home today..
so I can help mom wrap Christmas gifts..
She doesn't enjoy wrapping as much as I do.
When I lived at home before I got married
I would spend a few days doing her wrapping..
All except gifts for me.
Gizmo is just waiting for me to respond to everyone ..
I've got about 80 some emails to respond to..
So he & Rosie can draw a winner..
Happy 8 days till Christmas..

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to the Quilting Gallery!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
Today, I'll be celebrating my sister's birthdays too..
Every year so far I've tried to make them something..
Last year it was
I made my Sister Gena a countdown to Christmas, a monthly thing :)
And for Stef I made this Merry Christmas wall hanging :)
So not to be over done..
This year I made..
Snowman Mug mats..
I haven't sewing in so long it's amazing that I remember
So.. For my giveaway..
Gizmo and Rosie will be drawing a name on December 15th ..
What you'll get? I'll make you a Santa Themed mug mat
and I'll add some of my Christmas stash to the package as well..
ooo trust me there's so much more than this..

Just leave me a comment below letting me know
if you have your Christmas Shopping done??
Do you??

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's how many days till Christmas?!
Oh, Santa would you please blow some of that Magic dust my way..
I haven't really started shopping..
Normally, I have something bought for someone.
but, not this year..
I've been so tired and lazy..
I'm 11 weeks and 2 days prego..
Totally have baby brain
(I am so forgetful these days its .. embarrassing)
I've got a couple birthday gifts to finish for my sisters by Sunday..
And I know I still have to do my Wicked drawing..
Gizmo has been just as lazy as I have been..
Tho, I think Gizmo and his sister Rosie are just as excited about
having a potental Brother or Sister on the way..