Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wipes Covers

Our little boy won't be having it
with boring wipe containers..
I'm a member of an awesome group of ladies called
the "June Bugs"
All of us are having june babies..
& are there to support eachother..
It's amazing.. they amaze me..
one of them awhile back posted about doing this..
here was my crack at it..
I found my wipe cases at Target in the $$ section..Or
you can also get them at Walmart..
I used this awesome tutorial video
I have the makings to do more than 2..
but here is what I got done..
..This one was the first one I did..
my husband is a Huge Twins fan..
I see baseball in our little boy's future..
But, I'm in love with the robots..
Aren't they cute??
I found all my fabrics at Hobby Lobby..
I may have spent to much time
in there today..

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm a little...

I could finish the phrase "I'm a little.."
so many words..
I'm a little ... PREGNANT..
as I head into the 23rd week of this
pregnancy..I've just started
to feel our little bean move..
I've got to say it's AMAZING...
I'm a little...MINDLESS
as I realize that I've got a
block to finish...
It's like someone keeps cancelling my
actions as I walk into a room..
I'm a little...TIRED..
with this little bean starting
to move more..
I can't say I slept a
whole lot last night..
But I will say..
I'm a little...
I used my favorite batiks.
I think I maybe the Batik Queen..
I did stitch in the 'I'm a little.. '
wanted to do it in white
did you know Walmart doesn't carry embroidery floss anymore?!?
& Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays??
I didn't want to drive all over town looking
for white embroidery floss..
so.. I had to settle for pink..
I want to thank Madam Samm and Marlene for hosting
these wonderful blog hops..
I'm very thankful for both of them..
Monday February 25th
I want to thank you for stopping
& checking us out..
(but, not in a creepy way)
Gizmo & Rosie say hi too..
they have been on most days..
Curled up on my lap..
these days they seem not to go far..
like they know another little
playmate is on his way...
Happy Stitches.. 


Friday, February 22, 2013

..don't ask the quilter to..

My husband has been asking me for weeks..
Maybe it's been months..
to mend his work pants.. ..
I have a pile of probably 6-8 pairs of pants..
I keep telling him..
that this quilter doesn't mend..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilt Doodles BOM

Just click on the link above for Quilt Doodles BOM
I've always enjoyed sewing/quilting.. :)
& Quilt doodles is my first BOM I've ever done...
I chose the same dotty white as I used in the first block..
Looked through my batiks & these are the ones I choose..
I had just a little square of the red flower & a fat quarter of the green...
I cut everything out &
sewed my pinwheel parts...
...only to realize that my pinwheel is backwards..
>.< doh!
 But.. I sewed everything together anyway...
funny thing about being Quilt Doodles Sister
is when I screw up and miss read her directions..
she's right on speed dial...
She told me.. '..Pinwheels do spin in different directions..'
I also opted out of doing the applique flower and yo-yo..
That's just me tho..
Also.. on another not.. Our mother has been doing
Quilt Doodles BOM too..
Mom's Jan BOM
Mom's Feb BOM
She's going to do the flower and the yo-yo..
Happy Sewing~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's a...

Sew about a week ago we found out what we are having..
Baby, looks just fine and is growing very well..
Hubby saw what we are having before I did..
It's a BOY!!!
We are very excited.. :)
Told my family on Sunday what we are having
via the middle of the cake..
Normally, everyone vacates the room when mom cuts the cake..
not this day..
 Everyone hovered around her as she cut the cake..
I was fun.. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hugs & Kisses

Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop

oh Valentine's day how I love thee..
It's wonderful now that I've been married for 
3 years or so..
And with the baby on the way 
how could it get any better..

I love lots of colors.. 
and this project was sew much fun.
I found it started from many, many moons ago 
in my UFO box.. 
Sew, I finished it for the blog hop..
The fabric for the hearts & the backgrounds around them 
are hand dyes I did a long time ago 
when I was first learning how to quilt.. 
I think it turned out quite nicely.
& now it has a nice little home hanging on my 
sewing room wall...

I subscribe to a service called 'Birchbox'
Birchbox is a company that sends you a little box of 
cosmetic goodies once a month.
It's great.. 
But, now I have all these boxes.
Sew I covered it in fabric..
& made a cute little valentines box.. 
Inside, there is 3 fat quarters of fabric.. 

So.. if you want to WIN the box..
this is what you need to do:

1. Let me know what your favorite type of Valentine's candy is?? 

If you are a no-reply-blogger PLEASE leave me an 
e-mail address.. If I can't respond to you, 
you can't win the cute box& fabric.. 

Rosie & Gizmo will draw a name 
Saturday Feb 16th!!

xoxo~ I want to thank Madmm Samm & Jane for having such a wonderful little hop.. 
& for letting me be a part of it as well~ oxox

Please check out these other wonderful ladies on the hop:

Monday February 11th

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sew Day???

All I want is a Sew Day...

I keep coming down stairs and looking longingly at my sewing machine...
Oh.. how I want to sew..

I've been Cleaning & Cleaning our home.. 
It's amazing to me how much mess 2 people can make..

We have company coming this afternoon 
to watch the game..
I've got the chicken on & about to go make the salad.. 

On brighter notes.. 
We have our Gender scan for the baby tomorrow morning.. 
So.. we find out if we are Team Blue
or Team Pink

Cause' right now we are Team Green..
It's just SEW exciting..