Thursday, May 10, 2012


So, I'm so clumsy...  Went into my sewing room a couple days ago.. Needed to cut a few more pieces of fabric for the pink & brown quilt I'm doing. Which is something I need to get done by MOTHERS DAY.. I've always been better under pressure.. Always..   SO... I had a stack I was carrying into my fabric haven.. Included Cell phone, fabric and a pad of paper.. Not in that order..  I must have moved just right and smack....

   There goes my phone...

So.. Uh mm... Thank God I have insurance on it.. But still..  Funny thing is.. They don't make my htc H2 anymore.. So I'd have to get a different phone as soon as I pay the deductible.. So.. I better get back to sewing the Pink & Brown Quilt..

Wish me luck~

 Happy Stitches~


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