Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, shortly after we moved into our house in SE Minnesota.. things started to happen. I'm pretty sure we have a ghost. Or something like it. I'd hear footsteps walking down the hall or have that feeling I was being watched. For the most part He has been dormant for awhile. Haven't heard 'boo' from him. 
.... Until Saturday the 5th of May..

On Friday we had company for dinner. There is really nothing better than Good friends and Good Food.. and Laughs.. Lately, here in Minnesota, we've  had lots of thunderstorms..  Later, after our friends leave. I shut the front 2 windows and the kitchen window. We got a good soaking rain that night.. But.. Saturday when I got up for work the front 2 windows & the kitchen window were open.  I can't say I know for sure but I was speechless.. And I'm never speechless.. On my way into work I called Brian at work and asked him if he opened the windows.. He hadn't.. So.. What did???

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