Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quiltdoodles BOM 2013 Blog Hop

Tho, it's been a crazy year &
 I started last year with the greatest of intentions..
I got 4 blocks done for the Quilt Doodle Designs..
It's bad I know..
January's Block

February's Block
March's block
April's block

We all know what happened come May..
And my world hasn't been the same since...
(this is my son btw)

Please check 

January 18th
January 19th

January 20th

Thank you so much!!!  
On jan 21st I'll be doing a drawing for
2 fat quarters & coffee magnets.

Please comment below what you'd like to see more of come 2014. 
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Happy stitches!
~~Laura Ann 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


If I can get to 200 followers 
I'll have a super special giveaway!!! 


Sunday, January 12, 2014

...burp goes the baby...

Who can resist this face???

One of the things I use a lot of are burp cloths.. Why didn't anyone tell me??? David is nearly 8 months old now & growing like a weed.. 
He's eating baby food now.. Loves his carrots & squash.. 
Figured he needs some new burp cloths.. 
What you need is various flannels. Fat quarters work too..
I love the Dino stuff!
First, you iron the fabric. :) 
I used a burp cloth my mom made for David as a guide. You'll want to cut your fabric 9"x 18". This is a guide of course, you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on your needs. 
I cut the fabric after a lengthy search for my rotary cutter.. I cleaned so well, miss placing it in the process...
Iron it.. And place right sides together..
Next, if you wish you can do 2 different fabrics. Directions are the same except I pin the 2 parts together.. 
Right sides together & pin. 
Next, I located my machine 'Betty' who has been nestled on our dining room table.. 
I straight stitched 1/4" along the edge, leaving a gap to turn your creation inside out..

Floppy flip.. 
Then, I took them down stairs to my iron & ironed them. I folded the turn hole in so you couldn't tell where the hole was.. 
I was going to use a decorative stitch but settled on a zigzag. 
Your done!!! 
And your little guy or gal will love them!! 

Happy stitches~
Laura Ann

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

...holy fabric...

I didn't realize how much fabric I had.. Until, I cleaned...

Sew... My sewing room is basically a mess.. A mess really doesn't cover the tornado I walked into.. 

It's funny how much stuff you can accumulate over time. I have been quilting around 10 years now.. 

I haven't unpacked from various quilt retreats.. So before I can start any projects or finish anything I decided to clean..
David & Brian had some daddy/David bonding while I sorted & organized. 
 As I was cleaning I kept finding various strip sets, no idea what I was thinking or what the plan was if there was one. Anyone else do this?? 
It's not completely clean but it's better than it was... 
I think I might need a few more containers tho.. The fabric is overflowing from my bins...

I then started going over what I need for the bom I'm going to start... 

Friday, January 3, 2014

maybe .. just maybe

I'm dreaming of somewhere warm with something cold..
instead of being here..
they are talking Monday will be a high- HIGH of -16 below..
that doesn't include windchill..
but, this weekend we were supposed to go visit family in the cities...
but, it was cancelled due to the cold...
My lips are sealed tho I think there is something more going on..
besides, just not wanting to go out in the cold...
Sew.. I have the weekend off..
Sew.. I'm hoping I'll be able to buzz down into my sewing room..
My sister at Quilt Doodles has started her 2014 Block of the Month..
It's such cute Snowmen for the Jan block..
I think I'll try it..
Will you sew along with me?