Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A year without a Santa Claus...

I haven't the way to say this.. 
On December 18th 2013 my father lost his battle with cancer..
He was the greatest man I ever knew. 
He was the man who I measured all men next to..
I remember the long car rides listening to the music of Johnny Cash 
& Freddy Fender..
He was a master fisherman & the teller of jokes..
He loved us all beyond measure.. 
He walked me down the isle 
on my wedding day.. 
Even got to meet our first born son, David John.
David was the apple of his grandpa's eye..

I took the following picture yesterday morning.. 
We were on our way to the church, 
to go see dad one last time.. 
I was trying to catch the sun dogs-the rainbow on the right side of the sun-
Later, much later after we laid dad to rest.. 
I looked at my phone to see that there was a face, 
dad's face in the clouds 
I know he is watching over us all.. 

Merry Christmas to you!

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm still here...

Between working and baby David
everthing has suffered..
Tho, a couple weeks ago over MEA I did get alittle sewing done..
  I did get a baby quilt for a friend done.. 
  I love these little quilt panels
I have to bind it, yet.. 

But, it seems that I can't put David down to sew.. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Quilt Retreat 2013 part 2

The ladies at Cozy Home always treat us to nicely..
here is Tessa just chill-axing in a chair..
She sits anywhere she wants..
My next project after I got done with the pink quilt..
Was finally to work on David's Quilt..
The big panel I have had for 3 years..
I found the coordinating fabrics a couple years later..
I wanted to have it done before he was born..
but, he came early..
I added a border of yellow around the outside
along will another border of green..
I'm planning on quilting it soon
and I promise to post  when I do...
Hubby came everyday I was away with David
and spent time with him..

Mommy's little monster..
I was surprised that Mom and Cindy didn't get as much done as they
normally do..
I had a baby to take care of and yet
I got more done..

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall Quilt Retreat 2013

So a couple weeks ago we had quilt retreat..
I wasn't going to go,
I was going to stay home with David,
 because Hubby didn't get the time off..
 Called Cozy home and was not only told David was to come with me
but, it was expected of me to bring him..
Problem solved!?!
So I packed what I thought I'd have time to work on..
& the million things you think you'll need for baby
& off to retreat I went..
Tessa was there to greet David & I..
I decided to start on the around the world quilt
I started long before David was born...
It was for one of my June Bug Girls..
It was Very PINK..
I was laying it out on the design wall..
I asked mom what I was doing wrong..
..the next thing I knew I had most of the retreat ladies
hovering around my project..
To many cooks in the kitchen..
I got really flustered, really quickly..
 shoo'd everyone away..
So.. It's a trip around the world with side trips..
not exactly how the pattern was supposed to be..
but, close..
I used my hand writing to make sure her name got on it..
And David did really well too..
To be continued...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

...I'm still here...

I'm still here..
Was talking to my mom a few days ago
& she mentioned that I haven't posted lately..
Little Possum had his one month Dr's appointment on Tuesday..
It went really well..
He went from 5lbs 15oz to 7lbs 8oz.
They told us that we no long have to wake him up to feed
him every 3 hrs..
But, only when he wakes up & is hungry..
I feel like I'm venturing into uncharted territory...
I've called Mom many times since Tuesday.
Figured, she raised 5 girls she knows a thing or two about babies..
Brian stayed up with baby on his days off..
And now I know what he meant..
Little Possum was wide awake last night..
And I feel like night of the living dead..
The schedule we had was as much for us as it was for him..
Now what??
As a first time mom I'm really at a loss to what I should be doing..
Laundry is done (for the most part)
Dishes are done (for the most part..)
Fish is in the fridge to thaw for dinner tonight..
Dare I dream of slipping into the basement to sew when Brian gets home??
Or shall I be realistic & assume I'll be napping...

Monday, June 10, 2013


It's funny how within one moment your world changes..
How what you want doesn't matter as much..
& your whole world revolves around your child..
David will be 2 weeks old tomorrow..
I notice little changes in him..
like how his hair has lightened from dark to light brown..
How he is waking up more..
Tho, he still is nocturnal..
Like a possum.
On Wednesday, I'm going on a shop hop
with Mom & Cindy..
It will be my first full day away from David..
It should be interesting..
Happy Sewing to you~
 Laura Ann

Monday, June 3, 2013

Guess who made an early arrival???

I have sew much to tell you..
On May 27th my water broke unexpectedly &
I went into labor..
On May 28th at 6:39pm
David John was born.
He was 5lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long..
He was 6 days shy of being thought of as 'full term'
so he was a pre-term preemie
Both he and I are just fine.
Just trying to get settled in at home.
The pups spent the week at my sister's home..
What was weird was before my water broke neither of them
would leave me alone..
I had one on each side of me while I sat in the recliner...
My sister took the picture above on the evening we gave birth.
I doubt they understood what happened or
how their lives were about to change..
They are home now..
My family is home..
I'll hopefully get back to sewing
& blogging as soon as things settle down..
Thank you for following me..
Happy Stitches~
 Laura Ann

Saturday, May 25, 2013

about a month...

I'm sew sorry I've been
MIA from blog land lately..
It's T-minus 30 days till we meet the little one..
But, let's be honest..
He could come at anytime..
I got the onsie above for the little man
on my last shopping trip..
I haven't been feeling too bad..
Just tired mostly..
Kicked Hubby out of bed a few nights ago so
I could get comfy and actually sleep..
But, he's up north this weekend in Cold Spring
& I'm home sewing..
Finally, sewing.. I've been looking longingly
at my sewing room for what seems like ages now..
I'm not home alone though..
sew don't worry...
My SIL Amy is here..
bless her for helping us out by painting the baby's room..
I'm excited to see what she does it with..
I'm letting it be a surprise..
I know she'll do a good job..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2nd Blizzard

This was the view out the back window..
The sticks sticking up are the posts that hold up the
snow fence that keeps the pups in the yard..
There are 2 potted pansy's under the snow on the table..
I hope they make it..
I hate the snow..

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Morning..

Good Morning..
I'll be having Gizmo & Rosie draw the name of the winner for the
April Showers blog hop soon..
I work nights again this week..
I wish they'd make up their minds at work as far
as for what they want me to work..
Granted 11am isn't THAT early..
but, I'd much rather work till close these days..
This Momma, likes her sleep &
it seems I can get more done around the house if
if work was later..
Go figure..
Wanted to share this picture I stole from one of my facebook friends..
It's typical Minnesota Weather..
I plan on sewing a bit today..
I've got the Quilt Doodles BOM to get done from both
March & April to do..
& one of my friends is getting married on June 15th.
I'm going to make them a quilt for their wedding gift I think..
Mom has agreed to quilt it for me..
Then there is the Pink Baby Quilt
I'm going to do for one of my friends..
She's knitting me a couple of hats for the baby..
I'm thinking it's a pretty fair trade..
Hope your having a good Monday so far..
Happy Stitching~ 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers blog hop... & Giveaway!!!

April Showers Snow brings May flowers..
I love Minnesota but I think we skipped over Spring/Summer
& went right back to Fall..
I'm inspired right now by pansy flowers..
First, I made a sketch..
a doodle really..
 I do love to doodle..
I started with a piece of green fabric - roughly 7 1/2" x 10 1/2"
I used the same green for the back as I made the usual fabric/ batting sandwich..
Normally I would pin but because this is such a small project-
I didn't..
I started by making my vines for my flowers to sit on..
I used a lighter green thread to make the vines..
Next, I drew out the flowers & leaves...
I like odd numbers for things..
So, 5 flowers just made cents..
Then, I went on a hunt for purples..
..still hunting..
Sew, I first, cut out all my applique pieces..
then, I ironed them onto the fabric I found..  
and then cut them out..
Then, I started to place them..
& when I got them just to where I wanted them..
I ironed..
But, it seemed like something was missing..
I found this fabric & decided I'd use it for my binding..
I will say...
It's not very often I use the decorative stitches on
my machine..
I used one to stitch my binding down..
But, it still seemed like something was missing from my garden..
Sew, I added buttons.. :)
I'm really happy with how it turned out..
ta da...
do you like it??
First, quickly, I'd like the thank Madam Samm & Erin for
hosting such a fun blog hop.. :)
Both of you are such inspirations..
Now on to the good stuff..
For the Giveaway I'm giving the leftover Pansy fabric,
a package of magnets & a kit to make a mug rug..
^^It will make a mug rug like this one^^
What I need is for you to tell me your favorite part of spring?
Personally, I love the rain showers..
They bloom such life..
 If your a follower or new follower let me know
& you'll get an extra entry..
Rosie and Gizmo will draw a WINNER on Friday April 19th!!
Please if you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER..
please leave a way for me to get hold of you, if you win..