Oldies but Goodies..

I was looking through an old album online and found a bunch of pictures from before I started to blog..
Sew, I'd thought I'd share what I've made before I entered blogland :)
 Quilt I did for Grandma Zappa.. It had a picture of her and grandpa in the middle, pictures of their 4 kids around that and then pictures of all their grandkids around that.. The way I made the blocks, if you look close you can see a heart. :) Sew, in short, Grandma & Grandpa are the heart of the family.
 One of my many table toppers I've made.. This is one of my favorites..
 A heart quilt I did for a former co-worker.
 I have this hanging in my sewing room now.. From the picture it looked huge.. Didn't know till I started cutting it at retreat that the pieces were only an inch..
 Christmas Trees..
 Appliqued tea towl. Art to Heart!
Baby Quilt I did for my friend Jessi for her first child.. She's had her second now.. I should get cracking on a quilt for him.. :)
Hope you enjoyed my oldies but goodies

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