Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feburary Challenge


Starting tomorrow Feburary 1st I will be sewing everyday for the next month. I haven't picked out a project for the month of LOVE yet.. but, that will come with time... I vowed on Quilting Hottie Haven to sew 30 mins a day for the next 29 days. I hope I can stick to it.. Or try to stick to it. :)  

 I've gotten addicted to pinterest. (Thanks sisters) I've been listening for the longest time to my sisters talking about this site.. Forget farming on facebook.. I now pin onto pinterest..

Monday, January 30, 2012


 Ever have one of those moments where you feel completely blessed? I had one this morning.. it was my 'Ah ha' moment.. Last night, was my JOB's christmas party. We all boarded coach buses and headed to Treasure Island Casino. For those who know me, I rarely gamble. Bu there would be bowling and other things to do besides play the slots. So, Hubby and I ate at the buffett with my boss T & her daughter Dash (Day-sh).. It really was a good time.. after learning what a finger trap is Brian and I hit the slots..  It was SO smokey in this place that I think I may have to burn my clothes or wash them many times...  We finally settled on a group of machines. Hubby started playing '$tinkin' Rich' and myself on the machine next to him..  I'm not a very good gambler, most times can't see the point of putting money into a machine and lossing it. Which is what I did.. but Hubby was hot on this machine.. In the end, ended up cashing out at $50 more than what he put in the machine. Yay! I can finish Januray's project after all.. :)

But I relized something in the drama of the night.. that its not the quanity of friends you have but the quality of friends you have. I can honestly say that I don't have many people who I would concider 'close' friends. And I'm blessed. SO, maybe I didn't hit the money jackpot last night but I did hit the jackpot in friends. 

teresa, dorothy &rosie, gizmo & me

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I should be a super hero...

If I was a super hero.. I'd be called the Quick Quilter.. I'd save those Quilters from the Blahs.. They'd be inspired by my ablitlity to finish quilt tops in a single afternoon.. I'd protect them from Jack the Ripper... 

I finished the 'Urban Cabin' Quilt top today.. I have Thursdays off most weeks from the Bakery. Thats right?!?  I'm a baker.. :)  I love having Thursdays off, its a nice break.. So, on this Cold  day  (Oh how I love the cold...) I spent it with the pups in my sewing room.. Fuzzy hat on, slippers and a blanket over my lap..  But, look what I got done...
ITs so PRETTY.. I'm SO happy with it.. I think I'm going to go with black backing.. I will be cursing it later.. when I'm trying to bind it.. How to quilt it.. there are so many different options.. I should ask my sister C.. She'll know.. :)  OH C...  So, what to work on now? 

Happy Quilting to all.. and to all a good Evening.. I work the next couple of days at the Bakery and probally won't get down into the sewing room..  We are under a Winter Advisory for tomorrow into tomorrow night.. oh  how I just LOVE the snow...   But, perhaps we'll get snowed in.. :) Here's to hoping right??? ?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quilter's Snowday...

Armed with a doctored up mug of Double Black Diamond Extra Bold Coffee and the puppies I set off into my sewing oblivion.. :)  I got sew much done!! Its snowy and cold here in Minnesota (finally, but mother nature can take another holiday and bring back the 50's) I have entered my happy place. :)   I worked on my January Project, Black Urban Cabin.. I cut 2 quilts out. *yay me* and worked on a few mug mats that are belated Christmas gifts for a few friends.  Oh, and I started building houses from scraps thanks to Sister C who started doing these as well.. :)

Thurs 1/12/2012 block..

Friday 1/13/2012 block.. see its 3"
I don't know about anyone else but to sew is like to breathe for me.. :)

my mug mats.. :) and binding options..

Urban Cabin..

Urban Cabin.. its SO pretty.. I'm so happy with the colors..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Belated 2012

Happy Belated 2012..  

My Resolutions are as follows:  Be Healthier, Walk, Be Happy, Find the Good in all People, Don*t Gossip, Be Switzerland, Sew everyday, Make one quilt: start to finish every month, Smile, Have better faith,  Stop drinking soda... I figure if I have many then it won't be as easy to break them all.. The soda stoppage lasted all of 3 days. But, hey I tried!

it hasn't been THIS clean in ...

I've spent my Sunday in my sewing room cleaning the scraps and papers up off the floor. I've some what organized my fabric stash. Tho, I may say I'll use what I have before I buy more. It seems I can't stay away from my favorite fabric stores and online shops. Even if its just to look. Does one ever really JUST look? 

quilt I did for a co-worker
This month I'm going to do the same quilt I did for a co-worker of mine but this time I'm going to do blacks and batiks. I figured in cleaning my sewing room and getting organized. I'm never really am That it will be easy to stay on track.. :)  Wish me luck :)

I do hope you've set some reasonable goals for yourself and I wish you a sew very happy 2012..

Maybe I'm Crazy...

Dear Jame book by Brenda Manga Papadakis
I am so excited..
 It came!!!! I was flipping through an older quilt magazine last week looking for quilt projects to do in the next couple month and I ran across an article about 'Dear Jane' I was instantly Inspired. I mean the kind of instant I-want-the-book-now-to-sew inspired. So, I looked for it online.. Oh, how I <3 love amazon.. :)  I didn't think however that I would get it this soon.. So, since my husband rescued it from the mail box and gave me the 'what did you buy now??'

I've been pouring over it. Finding my favorite blocks & trying not to get to intimidated over the 4 1/2" draft your own blocks. (I really should look and see if the is a CD that goes with the book)  I can do it!! I CAN DO IT!!! I'm thinking I'll start with 12 of my favorite blocks.. I love the colored blocks and the black. (its what drew me to the quilt in the first place)  I can do it.. even if its just one block at a time.. :)

... just one block... so maybe I'm crazy..