Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quilt Block Challange

I really wonder some days where the Procrastinator Gene came from. Neither of my parents are procrastinators, is it a learned trait?  We got back from Cold Spring last week and lately I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING.. Minus, playing on the computer. My old stand bye include : email, facebook & pinterest.  Tho, I've been playing alot of Sims 3 lately. :)   It wasn't until I was walking through the local Variety Store that inspiration hit. I got in to a conversation with the owner whom I've known for years. It's nice to walk into a store and they know your name. :) She was packaging up the 'Annual Quilt Block Contest' at the Dodge County Fair. It was something I was totally unaware of.. 

The rules are simple: available to the first 20 quilters, you MUST use all 4 fat quarters in the block (DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA FABRIC) and make one 12 1/2" square. Next year the blocks will be sewn together and auctioned or raffled off.  So, as I walked out to my car with my treasures 'Quilt Block Kit' included.. I now wonder what kind of block I will make.. I'm really partial to 8 pointed stars and I know this REALLY cool way to make 3D flying geese..

Here are the fabrics, I'm wishing there was a cream. I showed my sisters on Sunday and we decided the closes thing to a cream would be the light blue. So, this will be a challenge for me. I love the fabrics tho.. The swirly blue, marblie green and the loon print. They remind me of the Minnesota Shop Hop Fabrics..

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