Sunday, May 6, 2012

Changes & Deadlines

... so I have till Mother's Day now to do a quilt for an X co-worker.. I think I can pull it out in a week.. Well, less than a week.. I need to go out and get some brown fabric for the main blocks.. She had gotten these really pretty Pink & Brown prints.. I have included some of my own neutrals to help break up the patterns of paisley & stripes..
middle part of the pink/brown quilt

So..I've turned in to one of THOSE people!?! I got the puppies shirts. We got the shaved around Easter. With it being cold and rainy out they need something else to keep them warm..
'stud muffin'

'trouble maker

So, yes I'm one of those people who dress their dogs up.. but they look CUTE!!!

On another note just because I take this blog as a source to vent and talk about whats going on with my life.. I was flipping through the TV channels yesterday after I got home from work and found this show on OWN called 65 Red Roses It was a show about a young woman living with  cystic fibrosis. Many years ago I went on a walk for cystic fibrosis. I wish I knew more now and I want to do something. So, I think I'm going to become an organ donor. With the slight chance that some day, something happens to me. Then, perhaps some part of me will live on in someone else.  I've been trying to live my life as a better person. Try to change the negative in myself to make myself the person my dog thinks I am..  Brian and I are trying to have a baby.. I want to be someone my children would be proud of.. You know?

Happy Stitching & Lots of Love~


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