Saturday, May 25, 2013

about a month...

I'm sew sorry I've been
MIA from blog land lately..
It's T-minus 30 days till we meet the little one..
But, let's be honest..
He could come at anytime..
I got the onsie above for the little man
on my last shopping trip..
I haven't been feeling too bad..
Just tired mostly..
Kicked Hubby out of bed a few nights ago so
I could get comfy and actually sleep..
But, he's up north this weekend in Cold Spring
& I'm home sewing..
Finally, sewing.. I've been looking longingly
at my sewing room for what seems like ages now..
I'm not home alone though..
sew don't worry...
My SIL Amy is here..
bless her for helping us out by painting the baby's room..
I'm excited to see what she does it with..
I'm letting it be a surprise..
I know she'll do a good job..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2nd Blizzard

This was the view out the back window..
The sticks sticking up are the posts that hold up the
snow fence that keeps the pups in the yard..
There are 2 potted pansy's under the snow on the table..
I hope they make it..
I hate the snow..