Thursday, August 30, 2012

trip the great minnesota get together..

 Sew.. We went to the fair for my birthday..
I've got to say it was one of the best birthday's I've ever had!
We arrived at the Minnesota State Fair around 9am with a back pack full of water,
tennis shoes on our feet & excitement.
We headed over to the creative activities building.
One day.. someday I'll have a quilt in this building..
Here's what I saw..
This was the blue ribbon for machine quilting. It had to have been a long arm that did this.
These were the smallest pieces i have EVER seen.
Here's a needle work. I love Halloween!
I have a ceramic cat that look JUST like this..
 looks like scales..
 This year's Minnesota fabrics

 Grandmother's quilt :-) I started one like this..

 Love this nativity
 Santa Clause wood workings on a Christmas log cabin
I love this quilt.. the star.. The picture is totally not doing it justice.
 " I need coffee now!!"

 I love this quilt.. It look like it was made up of 1inch squares..
Wood working.. puppies.. :)
 There are other things in the Creative Activities building besides quilts and needle crafts..
There was rows and rows of bake goods, cakes, canned foods..  The most interesting thing I saw canned was the apple chips (or at least I think they are apple chips) in the picture below- upper right hand corner..

This was a view of the many streets.. They looked full but not as full as..
Later when we went to leave..


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you , looks like a perfect way to spend your special day . The quilts were gorgeous ,thanks for sharing!!

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