Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cleaning my sewing room

So I decided today after we returned home from looking at the In Law's new apartment that I would clean and reorganize my fabric stash.. 

Oooo Did I open a can of worms....
 Sew, I started moving things.. cleaning out the plastic bends I take to retreat, moving things around..
 My cutting table it completely covered.. I even pulled out a few drawers to hold fabric so I wouldn't have to put it on the floor..
 Ack! I didn't think it was this bad.. Its worse than I thought.. :)
 I still have boxes to go through from when I got married (it will be 3 years in Sept) Hubby says I should go through them. If I do, I won't get my sewing room figured out..

I get distracted by shiny objects is an understatement.. I'm finding fabric I didn't even know I had. Or, fabric that I thought I'd used up.. It's like Christmas.. :) 
Happy Cleaning..
<3 Laura Ann


  1. Oh, I would be a kid in a candy store! Looks like mine, so don't stress and surprises are fun.


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