Monday, August 27, 2012

I sew.. therefore I am

I decided a little while ago to make a knitting needle holder for my mother-in-law, Kathy.
I got this book from Sister C a while ago. I've had it for ages. Let me just say I rarely knit. And if I do its normally just a scarf here or a sugar&cream towel there. I'm not a huge knitter.. but Debbie Stoller wrote a very nice book. On page 284 (I think) there is a sewing pattern for a knitting needle holder. I myself, made one for me, for those knitting needles I hardly ever use anymore..

My In-Laws are in the process of downsizing.. so I'm sure her knitting needles are packed away but, I've seen a few hanging out in a Partylite Hurricane she got from me from when I used to sell Partylite..
I started by choosing the colors.. I called up Kathy last week and asked her what her favorite color was. She very much surprised her son who thought her fave would be pink or purple..
Sew, I'm going to use the black flower print as the outside, the light swirly flowery print as the inside, the turquoise flower print as the flap and then the green plaid as the needle pocket.. I may end up switching it up before I start cutting. Plus, I need to go get black or blue ribbon for it too.. :)
For that part of my sewing room isn't quite the way I want it. I have 3 HUGE boxes of empty partylite boxes. I need the hubs to help me move them out & bring in our old dinning room table.
I was going to start cutting and sewing tonight but I realized that
I FORGOT my pressure foot for Betty at mom&dads
Sew.. until next time..
Happy Sewing~
 Laura Ann
Gizmo & Rosie

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