Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dots Mug Mat

So... I decided to make a dotted mug rug for my giveaway for the dots on dots blog hop.. Here's how I did it..

First, in thinking of the dots to dots blog hop I pulled out the 'Quilter's sayings 3' I got at the little quilt shop in Fergus Falls while we were on vacation..
Then I found the dots fabric that I had, That I liked.. I think I got some of it from Crafts Direct in St. Cloud last year. I think its really pretty fabric :)

I had some left over brown from when I did the 5 yard horse quilt at the beginning of the year. I think it goes quite nicely with the dot fabrics.
 Sew, I sewed the brown around the 'Quilting is cheap therapy' block. I didn't like the width tho..
Sew, I cut it down an inch from the inside seam of the middle block. :)
I thought the brown dot looked the best.. :) I really love this fabric. Sew, I cut 2- 1 1/2inch strips.
 Then, I started to sew the brown dot fabric on to the block. I make sure I do a 1/4 inch seam. I try to be perfect but you know only 'god' is..
When you iron, make sure you iron...

Then I decided to take the swirly blueish green fabric and made one 2 inch strip..  I ironed it in half and placed it on the right of the block. :-)

Its totally up to you if you want alittle shashing strip..
Then I added a 3 1/2inch creamy white strip.. I pinned the blueish green print to the block and topped it with the white  on top with like a sandwich :)
Make sure you pull the pins out as you sew..
I iron towards the dark side.. Tho its totally up to you on what direction you want the sashing strip towards..
 I wanted it to go towards the left. :)  Looking at it.. I decided something was missing so I dug through my stash and found this really fun green and the other 2 dotty fabrics..
:) they are sew pretty..
I like using heat & bond lite. Draw on the paper side of the heat &bond. I used a little ribbon container to make the circles. When you cut the circles out leave about a quarter inch from the line drawn. :)
Place the circle paper side up on your fabric and iron
***NOTE*** Make sure you iron your circle on the WRONG SIDE of the fabric
Cut out the circles cutting on the line..
Peel back the paper and you'll see the 'glue' on the fabric..
You can check the placement.. figure out how YOU like it..
then peel the paper backing from the circles and iron.

I haven't had time to quilt it.. I hope to have it quilted this weekend. :)

Happy Sewing!!


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