Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't eat the Cheese...

Sew.. Yesterday I had the WHOLE DAY to sew.. Brian went to help his parents..  So, it was just the pups and I.. :) I did sew but that was after.. I scooted around pinterest for awhile and got so totally inspired to make great things..   I wish I would have stopped and took pictures and I will go back to take pictures.. I WILL!   I started by cutting the fabrics I had gotten for the Simply Triangles quilt I'm going to attempt to do cause T wants one in purples for her daughter.. :) I CAN do it!!
I love the fabrics I got for this project.. expecially the pinks. But, I've always been a color kinda girl..    Sew, after a lunch of pasta (love my carbs), alfradio sauce (husbands dislikes) and parmasan cheese (something I should have checked the date on before eating) I went back down to start cutting and sew....

I got through cutting my 1 1/2'' strips of the pink, blue and part of the green to realise that the 2 greens between the light and dark are the same shade.. I need to fix that, ugh! so.. Not that I dont want to go back to the fabric store which I'm indifferent about I texted my sister C asking her if she had a mid-light green color.. next I'll ask mom.. Then, I'll revisit the fabric store..  After cutting and breaking up a few dog fights (they are puppies and they will play) I started working on the flying geese for Jazz's Project.. The book I'm working out of has a away of making thses flying geese like I've not done before.. Its really slick..

Sew.. after getting very close to being done with the slick flying geese I felt super sick.. I'm not going to go into much detail about this but to say.. Don't eat the cheese.. I should have checked the date on the cheese (which hubby did when he got home last night.. April 2011 was the date on the cheese) Bad, I know..
Sew, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked BUT, next weekend is retreat.. Can't wait and I have sew much to do. :)

Happy Sewing to you..

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