Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'll be back sewing soon

.. I know I haven't posted in awhile..   After being in the ER twice last week once by ambulance..  I found out I have BPPV.. Vertigo.. (Its crystals in the inner ear that detach and reek havoc on the head.. lost balance- feeling of the room spinning.. vomiting)  In the end, I would rather have a root canal with out meds...  and its amazing when you are diagnosed with something like vertigo how many people pop up whom have had it as well..

  Its not funny but its funny. One thing I've learned about life is this.. a positive attitude is everything. I can look back now and laugh about certain situations. Like when you call 911 make sure your completely dressed. 'Nough said. When I started blogging I really wonder who would be interested in what I do... 

On the quilting front, I have 2 quilts to quilt. One for Mary (an old foundation house co-worker I haven't seen in a few years) and One for Ms. F (my high school art teacher -I've been out of HS for 11 yrs) I have to get started working on them.. I can't wait and as soon as I can I'll get pictures posted. :)

I'm on the mend- the vertigo, BPPV- is almost gone.. I hope to get started quilting again.. I still plan on doing a giveaway.. so follow me and comment on what I can do different.

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