Thursday, February 23, 2012


...So yes, I know I haven't been blogging lately.. I haven't been sewing lately due to my wrist has been bothering me. Last time I visited the Dr, he said I may have the onset of carpel tunnel not an excuse I know but, I've been dreaming of sewing.. does that count?  So, Today was my day off so I went into my sewing room, looking at the quilt J wanted me to do for her.. Its been over a year since she gave me fabric & payment for said quilt. But, I've been waiting for pictures so there was little I could do without them. Now, after being given the go ahead minus the pictures.. I've to figure out what I was thinking with the colors

pretty little colors.. pinks & browns

 would have been a good idea to mark the pieces even though I wasn't going to sew them yet.. 

So I started making my flying geese segments. She picked a quilt from 'Miss Rosie's Spice of Life' (I think that's what the book is called)

gizmo and Rosie..
When, our babies would have none of it.. Brian was upstairs making dinner when I was sewing and our little puppies decided to start to play between my legs, right under the sewing machine..  Uhmm.. ya.. right..   So, I only got 4 of my flying geese units done but its a start.. 

Been dreaming of quilt retreat.. its less than 3 weeks away..  Last weekend I have Dorothy (the sweetest older woman ever) and T over. I had a few new books I've been hoarding and had them out to show them.. T's been talking about me making a project for her. And wouldn't you know it she picked a quilt out of 'Simply triangles' going I WANT THIS ONE!! I'm unsure scared about anything that doesn't have square corners or is on point..

So I'm going to attempt it at quilt retreat.. Now to debate on a trip to the fabric store.. :) I want to try and make one before I attempt on for T.. 

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