Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I find a quilt pattern I like.. I will admit there are times I tweak the pattern.. This is one of those times.. When I got the *Simply Triangles* book I also got Kim Schaefer's *Skinny Quilts* I fell in love with the black & white one with the jack (I think they look like enmities)

I had gotten some black and whites from doing the Minnesota Shop Hop 2010. This is perfect only I did what I do best.. I tweaked.. The original plan was to make 3 different black and white background panels.. :)
Well that's not what happened..

I ended up cutting some 4 1/2" squares and sewing them between the panels.. :) I haven't yet decided if I'll do the applique on it yet.. maybe If I do It will just be a few...
What do you think? Let me know..
I need to add black borders yes.. but, I have to make a little trip to the fabric store.. 

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