Monday, March 12, 2012

Quilt Retreat March 2012 Part1

So this year at retreat I didnt get as much done as I thought I would.. I remember in past years that I could stay up much later than I can now before my eyes would go double and heavy. I blame this on old age. I got to working on the "Simply Stars'' pattern.

 I really thought at first glace that I would be harder than It acctually was.. Funny how you can be sew intimadated in something but really REALLY its so much easier than meets the eye.. Funny..
First, I started by sewing my strips.. The pattern had it greens,purples, red, darker red, blue and tan.. I sometimes *not all the time* will follow the pattern colors.. This isnt one of those times.. I chose pink, blue, green and purples. I love bright vibrant colors- jewel tones.  Then, I cut templates (you can find the template fabric at like Michaels or Hobby Lobby- I would guess that Joanns would have it as well)

I sewed 6 of each color only because I was switching it up and only doing 4 colors and black borders.

The blocks themselves are sewing Y seams.. Its really not as hard as you think and don't pych yourself you, IT WILL TURN OUT.. And if it doesn't pull Jack the Ripper out and Start over..
They reminds me of paper airplanes..

The quilt is sewn on point at a diagional.. I rarely if ever put things on Point.. I may love a quilt or pattern but won't make it if its on point. (I made this one to prove to myself that YES! I CAN make it!! Mostly because T wants it.. and I needed to KNOW I could!!  I didn't use the template for the borders- didnt think that far- but cut a 4'' strip of fabric and winged it like I always do...

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