Friday, March 16, 2012


Finally, It's FRIDAY!!! Oh, how I've been waiting for you..  and It's my first FNSI.. My sister C has been doing them for months..SEW, I have the weekend off *happy dance* Very excited about the weekend.. maybe its because the weather has been so nice here. Around 75* today and it looks like its going to stay for awhile.  Tomorrow is the Weis/Zappa St. Joesph's Day Celebration. I'd never heard of St. Joesph's Day until I met my husband. more explanation on St. Joesph's Day Hubby's mom Kathy asked me to make aprons for those who make the rice fritters and soup. I was on retreat last weekend with mom, sister C and Kim and well didn't get to Everything I wanted. Such is life, Right? So, tonight was for me to quickly work on the aprons. .I was going to make them mind you using tea towels in the appropriate colors (red,white and green) but, lost misplaced the pattern...

I bought prem-ade aprons in red & green.. some ric rac and puff paint... Here's what I did..

For Auntie Barb
the one for me..
the one for Beth
the one for my mother in law- I think its my favorite..

And remember I'll be giving away some fabric that I used in the Star Quilt I did at retreat.. All you have to do is follow me and let me know what I can do change/better.. :) I want your opinion!!!

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  1. Hi Laura! Your sister pointed me to your blog after I asked her about the star quilt you did and she had pictures of on her Doodle blog. That quilt is GORGEOUS! But she also said you were a new blogger, and so am I, so I just HAD to stop by! You ask for things to change on your blog... hmm... something I just did is put up a page as a gallery for the projects I've done. You have lots of projects in your posts, but no gallery of them. I've seen people do this and link pictures to each post on the project... just a thought :-) You do amazing work, show it off!!!


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