Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wow... 3 years already

Today, I married my best friend.
A wonderful man who doesn't complain much..
Ever loving..
Wow.. I can't believe its been 3 years..
It seems like just yesterday I was freaking out about getting married..
Who'd have thought...
I met my husband 5 years come October 2nd.. We met on an online dating site, I went on said site to take my add off (after many months of trying and a few dud dates I was sick of trying)
And there was a message from Brian. I remember his headline well..
"Baker looking for his L(oven)"
I replied back and we met on Oct 2nd.. All I really remember about the date was thinking ...
"Wow.. He's short''
But, not in personality..
He proposed to me on Thanksgiving. We'd only knew each other for 6 weeks.. but, when you know you KNOW..

My sisters and I..
I had fun over the months before the wedding sending them the tackiest bridesmaid dresses I could fine.. One even had a window for the baby bump if one of them got prego..
My best girlfriend Amanda (right) and Brian's best guy friend, Mark (left).. She's 5'3'' and he is like 6'8''... We looked like a heart beat at the alter..
So here's to another good year..
happy Anniversary honey Bunches!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Laura Ann & Brian!! Here's to many more years of bliss =)


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary. Hope you both have many more years to come. My husband and I just celebrated our 29th. Their have been tough times and good times and everything in between. It has all made us stronger as a couple. God bless you.


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