Sunday, September 16, 2012

The only good kinda vomit.. is Scrap Vomit

The only kinda good vomit is scrap vomit..
I ran across this link off Quilt Doodles today. I have been working on my Leafs me Happy & Wicked blocks/ blog posts today..
Sew.. I took a break between the two to look at the blogs I follow and saw Quilt Doodles..
Gnome Angel is hosting the swap.. I had a giggle a bit when I saw she has 2 groups:  Aussies or All Others. I figure I can fussy cut 49 2 1/2" square and ship them out.
And how cool will it be to get scraps from somewhere else in the world?
Hugs & Stitches~
 Laura Ann


  1. You are right, the only kind of good vomit are scrap vomit, haha! That quilt is gorgeous, so that is a great swap to participate in!

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