Saturday, September 15, 2012

...Moving Day...

Today,  Is moving day for my In-Laws..
Today, has been a long time coming..
They have a beautiful apartment in a senior home waiting for them. My sister in law, Amy & Kathy, my mother in law took a load of kitchen stuff up there yesterday..
Bill (my father in law) & Kathy are going to LOVE the change.
It's going to be weird for Brian and I not to have his parents so close. Only a 40 min drive.
But, it will be OK..
Now we really need to make it a point to visit. :)
So, this is the reason I haven't been able to get into my sewing room..
I've been working on my 'Wicked' Blog hop block..
It's going to be TWITCHY once I can get it finished.. :)
I want to finish the project Sister C has asked me to do for her..
 A Christmas version of her 'Laundry Day' Pattern.. :)
the pups like to run around.. so only today will the be in their kennels for long.
Just long enough for us to get Bill & Kathy moved.
Maybe we can eeek a trip to ikea in too ;;)
Happy Stitches~
Laura Ann


  1. hope the transition is good for everyone....

  2. Hi, Laura Ann, I joined your blog today. We are both in the Wicked Blog Hop together. I'd like to invite you to my blog. I have some patterns that are free, and I also sell quilts on my website. Anyway, I am just dropping a line to say hello. I am giving away about 2 or 3 gifts on the Wicked hop so drop by if you can. My date is October 29th.


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