Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Doggies & DQ

On occasion Hubby & I will head over to DQ in Byron.
We cleaned the office today. It was our catch all. Frankly, there are no 'before' pictures because I was very embarrassed by it. Mostly, we kept the door shut. An seeing we have the laptop now, I really don't see any reason to keep the desktop.. But what will we do with the desk? 
Sew, having a treat of DQ after the heavy lifting, garbage tossing and boxes carried down stairs.
We learned from friends of ours that its OK for the pups to have plain vanilla ice cream. It's a special sorta thing. We get Rosie & Gizmo a small cone in a cup normally for them to share..  One gets the cone and the other gets whatever in the cup..
Here's a picture of our 'kids' back when we got them as pups.. In this picture they discovered the strings on my hoodie.. Gizmo's on the Left and Rosie's on the Right.. :)
Happy Stitches~
Laura Ann
(Gizmo & Rosie too)

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