Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quilt Block Challenge

So... We went over to Mom&Dad's today. They're A/C is working.  I started by labeling the paper pieced house block. With the Dodge County Fair Quilt Block Challenge, I've only 4 fabrics I can use.. so I fussy cut the loon print for the window, green for the house, brown for the roof & around the loon, and blue for the sky.

I think it turned out really nice at this point but it was only 4'' or so, so I added a 2" strip of brown around the cabin block.. Then, I wanted to do flying geese. You could call me the queen of flying geese. I love making flying geese. There was a technique that I learned a a quilt retreat last year. They are 3D flying geese.

I figured that I could do 5 on each side and add a little bit of green to balance the geese out.. then I added a 2 1/2'' blocks at the corners. I used the loon print, which I once again fussy cut so I just had the loons.  After sewing the 2 1/2" blocks on the ends of the flying geese blocks I sewed them onto the middle blocks. Then to make it a 12 1/2'' square, I sewed on a 2 inch boarder around the whole thing, then cut it down to size. I figure it was easier to sew on a bigger border and cut it than try to figure out what size border to make..

I'm super happy with it. It doesn't happen very often but all my points are on point. I love the 3D flying geese. I will be interesting to see what happens at the County Fair. But, I'll be on vacation with my family that week :) So, we'll see. :)

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