Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilt Block Challenge

I think I've decided what to do.. I'm going to make a little cabin on the lake..  I'll post pictures tomorrow.. 

On another note.. its hot...   Not Matthew Magic mike hot.. but close.... 

Its more like walk outside and melt hot.. We haven't A/C anywhere other than out bedroom. So, I haven't been able to sew due to the fact our home is like a sauna. And who wants to be covered in a quilt on the machine when it is 85 degrees in the house??  I could drag my machine back downstairs.. but, I just done have the table space down there.. 

It was 77 degrees this morning in the house when I left for work at 3.30am... uck!!  So I've packed up the quilt I need to pin and the block challenge.. I'm headed over to my folks and the power of their A/C after work tomorrow.. :) It's suppose to be hot like this all week.. ugh!!

 '''I'm dreaming of a white christmas...'''

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