Monday, January 9, 2012

Maybe I'm Crazy...

Dear Jame book by Brenda Manga Papadakis
I am so excited..
 It came!!!! I was flipping through an older quilt magazine last week looking for quilt projects to do in the next couple month and I ran across an article about 'Dear Jane' I was instantly Inspired. I mean the kind of instant I-want-the-book-now-to-sew inspired. So, I looked for it online.. Oh, how I <3 love amazon.. :)  I didn't think however that I would get it this soon.. So, since my husband rescued it from the mail box and gave me the 'what did you buy now??'

I've been pouring over it. Finding my favorite blocks & trying not to get to intimidated over the 4 1/2" draft your own blocks. (I really should look and see if the is a CD that goes with the book)  I can do it!! I CAN DO IT!!! I'm thinking I'll start with 12 of my favorite blocks.. I love the colored blocks and the black. (its what drew me to the quilt in the first place)  I can do it.. even if its just one block at a time.. :)

... just one block... so maybe I'm crazy..

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