Monday, January 30, 2012


 Ever have one of those moments where you feel completely blessed? I had one this morning.. it was my 'Ah ha' moment.. Last night, was my JOB's christmas party. We all boarded coach buses and headed to Treasure Island Casino. For those who know me, I rarely gamble. Bu there would be bowling and other things to do besides play the slots. So, Hubby and I ate at the buffett with my boss T & her daughter Dash (Day-sh).. It really was a good time.. after learning what a finger trap is Brian and I hit the slots..  It was SO smokey in this place that I think I may have to burn my clothes or wash them many times...  We finally settled on a group of machines. Hubby started playing '$tinkin' Rich' and myself on the machine next to him..  I'm not a very good gambler, most times can't see the point of putting money into a machine and lossing it. Which is what I did.. but Hubby was hot on this machine.. In the end, ended up cashing out at $50 more than what he put in the machine. Yay! I can finish Januray's project after all.. :)

But I relized something in the drama of the night.. that its not the quanity of friends you have but the quality of friends you have. I can honestly say that I don't have many people who I would concider 'close' friends. And I'm blessed. SO, maybe I didn't hit the money jackpot last night but I did hit the jackpot in friends. 

teresa, dorothy &rosie, gizmo & me

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