Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Belated 2012

Happy Belated 2012..  

My Resolutions are as follows:  Be Healthier, Walk, Be Happy, Find the Good in all People, Don*t Gossip, Be Switzerland, Sew everyday, Make one quilt: start to finish every month, Smile, Have better faith,  Stop drinking soda... I figure if I have many then it won't be as easy to break them all.. The soda stoppage lasted all of 3 days. But, hey I tried!

it hasn't been THIS clean in ...

I've spent my Sunday in my sewing room cleaning the scraps and papers up off the floor. I've some what organized my fabric stash. Tho, I may say I'll use what I have before I buy more. It seems I can't stay away from my favorite fabric stores and online shops. Even if its just to look. Does one ever really JUST look? 

quilt I did for a co-worker
This month I'm going to do the same quilt I did for a co-worker of mine but this time I'm going to do blacks and batiks. I figured in cleaning my sewing room and getting organized. I'm never really am That it will be easy to stay on track.. :)  Wish me luck :)

I do hope you've set some reasonable goals for yourself and I wish you a sew very happy 2012..

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