Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall Quilt Retreat 2013

So a couple weeks ago we had quilt retreat..
I wasn't going to go,
I was going to stay home with David,
 because Hubby didn't get the time off..
 Called Cozy home and was not only told David was to come with me
but, it was expected of me to bring him..
Problem solved!?!
So I packed what I thought I'd have time to work on..
& the million things you think you'll need for baby
& off to retreat I went..
Tessa was there to greet David & I..
I decided to start on the around the world quilt
I started long before David was born...
It was for one of my June Bug Girls..
It was Very PINK..
I was laying it out on the design wall..
I asked mom what I was doing wrong..
..the next thing I knew I had most of the retreat ladies
hovering around my project..
To many cooks in the kitchen..
I got really flustered, really quickly..
 shoo'd everyone away..
So.. It's a trip around the world with side trips..
not exactly how the pattern was supposed to be..
but, close..
I used my hand writing to make sure her name got on it..
And David did really well too..
To be continued...

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  1. Very pretty in pink! David is adorable and growing like a weed :)


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