Thursday, June 27, 2013

...I'm still here...

I'm still here..
Was talking to my mom a few days ago
& she mentioned that I haven't posted lately..
Little Possum had his one month Dr's appointment on Tuesday..
It went really well..
He went from 5lbs 15oz to 7lbs 8oz.
They told us that we no long have to wake him up to feed
him every 3 hrs..
But, only when he wakes up & is hungry..
I feel like I'm venturing into uncharted territory...
I've called Mom many times since Tuesday.
Figured, she raised 5 girls she knows a thing or two about babies..
Brian stayed up with baby on his days off..
And now I know what he meant..
Little Possum was wide awake last night..
And I feel like night of the living dead..
The schedule we had was as much for us as it was for him..
Now what??
As a first time mom I'm really at a loss to what I should be doing..
Laundry is done (for the most part)
Dishes are done (for the most part..)
Fish is in the fridge to thaw for dinner tonight..
Dare I dream of slipping into the basement to sew when Brian gets home??
Or shall I be realistic & assume I'll be napping...

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  1. Oh, kiss those precious little cheeks - catch your sleep while and when you can - and in a few months, get yourself some very comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of 'chasing'.


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