Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Morning..

Good Morning..
I'll be having Gizmo & Rosie draw the name of the winner for the
April Showers blog hop soon..
I work nights again this week..
I wish they'd make up their minds at work as far
as for what they want me to work..
Granted 11am isn't THAT early..
but, I'd much rather work till close these days..
This Momma, likes her sleep &
it seems I can get more done around the house if
if work was later..
Go figure..
Wanted to share this picture I stole from one of my facebook friends..
It's typical Minnesota Weather..
I plan on sewing a bit today..
I've got the Quilt Doodles BOM to get done from both
March & April to do..
& one of my friends is getting married on June 15th.
I'm going to make them a quilt for their wedding gift I think..
Mom has agreed to quilt it for me..
Then there is the Pink Baby Quilt
I'm going to do for one of my friends..
She's knitting me a couple of hats for the baby..
I'm thinking it's a pretty fair trade..
Hope your having a good Monday so far..
Happy Stitching~ 


  1. Oh, I worked some he**ish hours in my time and can sympathise. Our weather has been rain, sleet, cold - think Spring is going to skip us this year.

  2. Oh, I feel for you, hon. Love the "Good Morning" mascot! What a hoot, except when one feels like he looks :)
    We are also experiencing Saskatchewan's coldest spring in 113 years!
    Snow is forecast for April 28th! Are they Serious!!!


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