Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!! It's gonna be Wicked!!

Let's get wicked!!! 
 Click the 'Wicked blog hop' picture above for the complete listing of the blogs on the hop. :)
Let's get Wicked..
I kinda took the wicked witch theme for my blocks.. :)
 the witch is IN!!

 I made a witch is IN sign.. then was on a roll and did a..


 The witch is OUT..

I've had alot going on lately..
I start my new job today *YAY*
I took it as a good omen that I'm starting on my
favorite holiday.

I'm the treat..
I made this last year but just recently got it quilted..

I also got this done..
It's a mug rug.
I got the pattern from Rosbud's Cottage.
they had a booth at the State Fair :)

and you know..
Sometimes.. I miss my sister..

I love Halloween.
Tho, for the 3 years we've lived in this house we haven't gotten one trick or treater..
Maybe tonight will be different :)

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I want to thank Wendy at Why Knot? and Madam Samm at Sew we Quilt
for hosting such a fun blog hop :)

ooo.. I almost forgot .. Rosie & Gizmo are doing another giveaway..

You'll get all this plus I'll add some fabric goodies to the package:)
All YOU have to do is let me know what you've dressed up as for Halloween??
Either as a child or as an adult..  for a 2nd chance to win you can follow me.. :)
I was a clown when I was younger :)
and as an adult.. this year we are going to a Halloween party..
I'm planning on going as Elmo.. if it's cute I'll share a picture..

Gizmo & Rosie will draw a winner on Friday November 2nd 2012

And Remember to have...



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...an uninvited guest...

In the spirit of Halloween and all things wicked..
There is very few things as far as the creepy crawly that I'm personally not afraid of..
Spiders.. all depend on the size and shape..
Huge ones no way..
I turn into a crazy ninja..
but, what tops my list of things I refuse to deal with are mice.
I hate mice.
Sew.. I come home from spending the night at mom&dads to my hubby yelling
from the basement.. "Guess what I found'' he says..
I can only begin to guess..
never thought I'd be right when I said.. "A mouse?"
I'm assured it's already been dispatched..
but, by what?
Did one of my sweet little babies kill this mouse?
Do we call in the CSI of Mouse killers to find out the cause?
I think..
Do we decon? Or mouse tap?
Are there MORE?!?
What if I have alittle mouse family who has made their home some where within my sewing room...
I think we need a cat now..
Anyone have one we can loan out?? borrow??

Sunday, October 21, 2012


A couple weeks ago I participated in a couple 'scrap vomit square swap' 
I haven't quite decided what to do with my squares- I recieved 6 packs of 49.
3 packs were international and 3 were just USA..
Its really cool to me to see what other quilters use for their fabrics.
I will join another 2 1/2" square swap if I'm very presented with the oppertunity..
Sew.. I thought I hadn't decided what to do with my squares..
Until Last night..
I was playing around having gotten the 'Leaves me happy' Table runner top done (coming soon to a post near you) AND having gotten my Wicked block done (just need to quilt it)
I decided to play..
Orignally, I was thinking mug mat..
Pick out my favorite squares and make a mat..
Sew, I laid out 4 x 5 squares and didn't think it looked right..
so, I changed it to 5x5 squares..
I sewed my squares together and got to thinking..
I can make a scrappy quilt..
I haave 3 blocks done total. sew far..
I'm trying to make them as random as I can..
Which I will say is a bit hard for me,
I'm not so good at Random..
Here's to the next week of cleaning the house >< and sewing.. :)
Happy Stitches~
Oh... and did I ever tell you that Giz is a toy hog??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cake and Quilting

Tomorrow is my last day at the Bakery.
I've been training my replacement the last week or sew..
She'll fit right in.
I've been trying not to think about leaving,
I know I'm on to Bigger and Better things..
I've got to share what I did today..
This was the invite the person wanted me to follow.
This is the cupcake cake that I got done.. I'm pretty Damn pleased with myself.
I have a tractor & horse to put on a cake tomorrow..
Normally, when I decorate cakes I try to Keep it Simple.
Mostly roses, balloons or simple sprinkles..
Sew.. on another note.. tomorrow is also MEA sewing weekend at mom's.
I think I'm going to go over after work.. Whatever time that is.
I have some back stock to get done after my few orders I have..
Cindy is going to be there & I have NO IDEA what I'm going to work on..
I have the wicked block to finish..
And the table runner for my Leafs me happy block to work on..
I start at Costco on Halloween..
It's a good omen I think.. seeing Halloween is my favorite holiday!!
Happy Sewing~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Scrap Vomit Swap

Sew I got my squares in the mail from the Scrap Vomit Squares Pack- International.
Well, actually only 2 out of the 3 have come.
Aren't they sew pretty..
These came from Ottawa, Canada.
I'm WOW!!
Then I got these in the mail..
From NEW ZEALAND!!! .. I love the little card that says's 'be curious'
I've taped it up in my sewing room..
The 3 one hasn't come yet..
I guess I assume that if your going to do a swap you should at least
do your share and participate..
I also joined a scrap vomit scrap swap for the USA also..
I got this in the mail yesterday
I really LOVE the little scottie dogs & crazy lookin cats..
Sew.. Last night, I started & finished cutting my packs for the
Scrap Vomit Scrap Swap- USA
I mailed them out today after I got done with work..
I hope the ladies like them.. :)
I enjoyed very much for getting the different squares..
It's exciting to see what you get..
Tho, I don't think I'll be making a scrap vomit.
. but more like a postage stamp quilt I'm thinking..
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It Leafs me Happy to have a Winner...

Sew Gizmo & Rosie picked a Winner for the Leafs me happy blog hop.
The Winner is Karen who wrote 'Your block is so festive, I love it! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see your completed project when you've put some more blocks together. ' She also is a new follower :)
Congratulations Karen, your package will be in the mail tomorrow :)

I want to thank everyone else who commented and started to follow us. sew.. THANK YOU!!!
You are the reason I'm in blog land :)
Rosie waiting for the next blog hop..

Stay tuned for the next blog hop at the end of the month..
It's going to get Wicked...

Happy Stitches~

Friday, October 5, 2012

who let the cat out?!?!?

Well.. Its time to let the cat out of the bag..
Sew.. I am switching jobs at the end of the month..
There are more reason why I'm leaving the Erdman's Bakery than money..
I just choose not to bring those reasons up,
but some things have gone on to long that I feel my only option is to move on..
I'm very grateful to Erdman's for giving me a chance when I needed one.
I'm thankful to them for teaching me the things I know.. But,
Sew.. I'm ready & excited to start something new.
Sew.. At the end of the month I'll start my orientation at Costco in the Bakery (of course).
My hours will change from 3-4am till noon to 6am- 2:30p.
I'm completely ok with this..
This means I'll get more sleep & have time to work out before work..
AND I get breaks sew, I can eat better and loose the weight..
I've got to show YOU what I've been working on..  

I found this pattern when I was cleaning our office.. I forgot I had it..
Sew.. I decided to work on it..
Lord knows I have other things I should be working on..
But, something spontanous like this is fun-ner
 I thought the little curlie q's were going to be the end of me..
I can't say I enjoyed them at all.. 
I waited to cut our the clothes pin clips till last.. cause they were little bitty..
 I need to add the cherry stems & eye balls on the crows..
I changed up the colors of the quilts.. I wanted something different..
Can you blame me?
I only had a FQ of the dotty border fabic (same as the picture)but I think it works..
I love it..
Gizmo & Rosie appoved..
(forgive the messy floor of my sewing room)
Happy Stitches