Wednesday, October 24, 2012 uninvited guest...

In the spirit of Halloween and all things wicked..
There is very few things as far as the creepy crawly that I'm personally not afraid of..
Spiders.. all depend on the size and shape..
Huge ones no way..
I turn into a crazy ninja..
but, what tops my list of things I refuse to deal with are mice.
I hate mice.
Sew.. I come home from spending the night at mom&dads to my hubby yelling
from the basement.. "Guess what I found'' he says..
I can only begin to guess..
never thought I'd be right when I said.. "A mouse?"
I'm assured it's already been dispatched..
but, by what?
Did one of my sweet little babies kill this mouse?
Do we call in the CSI of Mouse killers to find out the cause?
I think..
Do we decon? Or mouse tap?
Are there MORE?!?
What if I have alittle mouse family who has made their home some where within my sewing room...
I think we need a cat now..
Anyone have one we can loan out?? borrow??


  1. Ah sweetie - the 'cold spell squatters' do ascend upon us. I have two cats and still get mice. Don't do decon as they will die in your walls and smell!!! I use either snap traps or the sticky pads - love the sticky pads! And have caught dear, sweet, missing a few brain cells Moe the cat in them as well.

  2. I have a cat....she is not that much use as a mouse catcher though. We never had mice in the house, until madam Cat came along. She tends to bring the beasties inside for us to admire. The only problem is that she doesn't kill them first! Dazed, sure but not DEAD! Well, I suppose it is lots of fun seeing the people scream..... Lately she just chases the mice out of our garden. We use traps (with a little peanutbutter as bate). And - strangely - one of the dogs does catch and KILL! Good luck!


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