Sunday, October 21, 2012


A couple weeks ago I participated in a couple 'scrap vomit square swap' 
I haven't quite decided what to do with my squares- I recieved 6 packs of 49.
3 packs were international and 3 were just USA..
Its really cool to me to see what other quilters use for their fabrics.
I will join another 2 1/2" square swap if I'm very presented with the oppertunity..
Sew.. I thought I hadn't decided what to do with my squares..
Until Last night..
I was playing around having gotten the 'Leaves me happy' Table runner top done (coming soon to a post near you) AND having gotten my Wicked block done (just need to quilt it)
I decided to play..
Orignally, I was thinking mug mat..
Pick out my favorite squares and make a mat..
Sew, I laid out 4 x 5 squares and didn't think it looked right..
so, I changed it to 5x5 squares..
I sewed my squares together and got to thinking..
I can make a scrappy quilt..
I haave 3 blocks done total. sew far..
I'm trying to make them as random as I can..
Which I will say is a bit hard for me,
I'm not so good at Random..
Here's to the next week of cleaning the house >< and sewing.. :)
Happy Stitches~
Oh... and did I ever tell you that Giz is a toy hog??

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