Friday, October 5, 2012

who let the cat out?!?!?

Well.. Its time to let the cat out of the bag..
Sew.. I am switching jobs at the end of the month..
There are more reason why I'm leaving the Erdman's Bakery than money..
I just choose not to bring those reasons up,
but some things have gone on to long that I feel my only option is to move on..
I'm very grateful to Erdman's for giving me a chance when I needed one.
I'm thankful to them for teaching me the things I know.. But,
Sew.. I'm ready & excited to start something new.
Sew.. At the end of the month I'll start my orientation at Costco in the Bakery (of course).
My hours will change from 3-4am till noon to 6am- 2:30p.
I'm completely ok with this..
This means I'll get more sleep & have time to work out before work..
AND I get breaks sew, I can eat better and loose the weight..
I've got to show YOU what I've been working on..  

I found this pattern when I was cleaning our office.. I forgot I had it..
Sew.. I decided to work on it..
Lord knows I have other things I should be working on..
But, something spontanous like this is fun-ner
 I thought the little curlie q's were going to be the end of me..
I can't say I enjoyed them at all.. 
I waited to cut our the clothes pin clips till last.. cause they were little bitty..
 I need to add the cherry stems & eye balls on the crows..
I changed up the colors of the quilts.. I wanted something different..
Can you blame me?
I only had a FQ of the dotty border fabic (same as the picture)but I think it works..
I love it..
Gizmo & Rosie appoved..
(forgive the messy floor of my sewing room)
Happy Stitches


  1. I think this is smashing, I really like the cheeky poses of the 2 crows on the blocks! They look like a pair of smart alecs!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Congratulations on the new job too! Best of luck, hon! :)

  3. Good luck on the new job - nicer hours. And love the crows.

  4. Good for you for braving a job change!! That takes strength and you obviously know what you're doing :) I wish you all that is happy ... and yay! More sewing time :) Love the crows!!

  5. Wish you the best on your new job and I love the quilt and crows.
    All those little pieces would get the best of me!

  6. Good luck on the employment change, with those hours that would be the incentive for me. Quilt quilty crows!

  7. Congratulations on the new position! I walk around Costco's bakery just to take in the smells....ahhhh! Good for you to quit something un-healthy and go for something more healthy! Good luck!!!


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