Sunday, February 5, 2012

Didn't win the lottery..

T and I have been playing the lottery.. 2 tickets every W & S.. In hopes of hitting the millions.. so we can quit our day job Working as a baker isn't bad by any means but, you can't choose those you work with like you can't choose your family. So, your kinda just stuck with them.. .. Oh well, less than 30 hrs till Monday.. AHHHH... 

But, look what I made.. I saw the idea on Pinterest. a site I spend more time on than facebook or with my wonderful husband...  Betty, the babylock quilters dream machine, love this.. I know it will be a Big hit at the next quilt retreat.. The one I saw on Pinterest was elastic- in not wanting to go anywhere- I made my own straps and just tied it really tight in the back..  I'm sew excited to use it. :)

I started cutting out another quilt but I admit I'm in a rut. I don't really have anything pressing to make or finish. >.<  So.. now what?!?  I get the make a project for ME?! Um... Now what to make???

Help!!! I need ideas!!! 

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