Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 29 ...

I'm doing a count down for this month.. Today, is day 29 of the 'Drop and Give Me Challenge '   I did it.. Sewed for 30+ minutes this afternoon. I worked on the horse quilt. Its a total stash buster- 5 yards of fabrics.

 I love this pattern. I still have boarders to put on it but, my rows are put together. I am so cheating and using this quilt as my February project too.. Mostly because I have  NO IDEA what do for the month of February..

I have a great idea to share tho.. When you receive those fragrance gift boxes for Christmas or birthdays (or maybe you bought one for yourself at goodwill time..) Save the boxes (or mail them to me) and use them for your next project. They work great as a keeper of all those quilt top pieces. I use them ALOT when I go on quilt retreats or when I'm doing multiple projects at one time..

So yay! Tomorrow I get to start on something new.. after I figure out the borders on the horse quilt.. That shouldn't take long tho.. 

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