Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wiener Dog Onsie

Smokie just wants both balls
My Parents have a wiener dog named Smokie..
I got him for mom many moons ago for her birthday..
He's a very good dog even though he is getting old..
I ran across this fabric at Hancock Fabrics before
we found out we were pregnant...
I love me some wiener dogs..
So I decided to make a couple appliqued onsies..
First, I cut out a square of fabric &
fit a square of heat & bond (I used the red- heat & bond ultra) on back of the fabric
used a picture from another project..
 MAKE sure the paper side is up &
Then I started cutting around the wiener dog..

I cut a little edge around the outline of the dog..
I cut 2 of them out..
Next I laid the onsies out on the ironing board,
ironed them..
You'll want to peel the paper backing off the back of the puppies
& place them on the onsies...
I placed a puppy on each and ironed...
Ta DA!!
All done..
I think Smokie would approve even though the fabric
isn't long hair doxies.. but, close..
Happy Stitches~

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  1. AWESOME!! I have 3 doxies who give you a paws up! Their names are Ripley, Franklin and Lili. That fabric is AWESOME!


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