Thursday, April 11, 2013

...note from Rosie & Gizmo

See we got hair cuts..
We wanted to say hi..
Mom is off taking another nap &
we wanted everyone to know how excited we are to have a little
brother on the way..
Mom's been very busy cleaning & getting the room ready..
We like it best when she sits down on the couch..
so I (Rosie) can cuddle on her side &
Gizmo can pester her with his green toy..
Her lap is getting smaller..
There hasn't been much room for both of us
& I think I got kicked this afternoon..
We also know she's been busy trying to catch up on the blog..
She left us upstairs and with Daddy last night
so she could sew..
Ooo.. time to go..
I think she's getting up..

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