Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilt Doodles BOM

Just click on the link above for Quilt Doodles BOM
I've always enjoyed sewing/quilting.. :)
& Quilt doodles is my first BOM I've ever done...
I chose the same dotty white as I used in the first block..
Looked through my batiks & these are the ones I choose..
I had just a little square of the red flower & a fat quarter of the green...
I cut everything out &
sewed my pinwheel parts...
...only to realize that my pinwheel is backwards..
>.< doh!
 But.. I sewed everything together anyway...
funny thing about being Quilt Doodles Sister
is when I screw up and miss read her directions..
she's right on speed dial...
She told me.. '..Pinwheels do spin in different directions..'
I also opted out of doing the applique flower and yo-yo..
That's just me tho..
Also.. on another not.. Our mother has been doing
Quilt Doodles BOM too..
Mom's Jan BOM
Mom's Feb BOM
She's going to do the flower and the yo-yo..
Happy Sewing~


  1. Beautiful blocks! Love the fabrics :)

  2. Very pretty blocks - as long as all your blades are going the same direction, it is fine!


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