Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's to 2013

Happy New Year!!
Here's to another year gone and another one to start..
I'm not going to have a 'New Years Resolution'
Last year I have a resolution to do one quilt a month,
for the WHOLE year..
Oh.. that lasted till around March.. then like all resolutions..
it went out the window.
I've a few packages to send out soon..
Well, we are dog sitting for a friend of mine.
Her lovely young 5 month old boxer, Echo,  is our house guest..
Rosie isn't none to happy about it..
Gizmo I don't think knows what to do..
and Echo.. is blissfully unaware..
She's just a baby..
I'm hoping I can get some sewing done today too..
I'm admits of cleaning our home..
But, got sucked into blog land..
Baby update:
We are 15 weeks and 1 day today.
Had our 2nd Dr's apt yesterday..
The baby was not cooperating..
 he/she had their back turned for the ultrasound..
We find out the gender on the 4th of Feb :)

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